Comedy is all about the unexpected, and sometimes, doing the unexpected requires going at least a little too far — or sometimes way too far, by abandoning all pretext of politeness and good taste for the sake of a laugh. Perhaps that’s why so many of the best film comedies have delighted in pushing buttons, challenging the most commonly and deeply-held beliefs of the time by ridiculing them mercilessly and without fear of the inevitable backlash.

Tastes have certainly changed over the years, so what offended audiences in the ’60s might seem tame today by comparison. But regardless, filmmakers keep finding new ways to cross the line in disturbing, disgusting, and often hilarious ways. These are some of the most shocking comedies from cinematic history; the films that have been sparking controversies and churning sensitive stomachs throughout the years with their commitment to eliciting outrage as well as belly laughs. A word of warning to the easily-offended before we begin our list of the comedies that went way too far, at least for their own times — thing’s are going to get pretty wild here.

15. Four Lions