The Shining Sequel Doctor Sleep Eying Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson in Mission Impossible Fallout

Mission: Impossible - Fallout actress Rebecca Ferguson is reportedly circling the Shining sequel Doctor Sleep. Ewan McGregor has already signed on for the Stephen King adaptation in the role of Danny Torrance, the little boy from the original Shining, who is now a grown man still haunted by the ghosts he first experienced years before in the infamous Overlook Hotel. King himself has reportedly given his blessing to the casting of McGregor.

Published in 1977, The Shining followed Jack Torrance and his wife and son as they lived over the winter in an isolated Colorado hotel while Jack worked as caretaker. While Jack slowly disintegrated psychologically, his son Danny encountered supernatural entities while coming to discover his psychic gift called "the shining." The book was adapted in 1980 into a classic film by the great director Stanley Kubrick (that movie would come to figure heavily in 2018's Steven Spielberg nostalgia blow-out Ready Player One). King published the sequel Doctor Sleep in 2013, and in January 2018 it was announced that Warner Bros. would produce the film adaptation with Gerald's Game director Mike Flanagan set to helm.

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As reported by Variety, Doctor Sleep is now looking to add Rebecca Ferguson to star alongside Ewan McGregor. No details about Ferguson's character have been revealed. However, it's possible Ferguson could be sought to portray Rose the Hat, the book's main antagonist. Born in County Antrim, Ireland, Rose the Hat is the semi-immortal chief of a tribe of wandering demonic murderers known as the True Knot.

In Doctor Sleep, the grown version of Danny Torrance, who has long used alcohol to suppress his psychic abilities, finally learns to unleash his shining to help comfort dying people. He later befriends a young girl named Abra who shares his psychic gift, but the two are targeted by the True Knot, who feed off the steam produced when those gifted with the shining die in agony. King elected to write the Shining sequel after holding an online poll that asked fans to choose his next project, with Doctor Sleep winning out over a potential Dark Tower series book.

Potential new Doctor Sleep movie cast member Rebecca Ferguson had a busy 2017, appearing in the sci-fi movie Life, the critically panned box office bomb The Snowman and the surprise smash hit musical The Greatest Showman. Ferguson can be seen later this summer starring alongside Tom Cruise in the action sequel Mission: Impossible - Fallout, her second go-around in the long-running franchise.

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Doctor Sleep is set for release on January 24th, 2020.

Source: Variety

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