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American fans of Godzilla can finally see the latest movie featuring the King of the Monsters, Shin Godzilla since the long-awaited Japanese film was released on Blu-ray this week. The film can be purchased as a Blu-ray and DVD combo pack, which includes the subtitled version and the English-dubbed version.

The film was released in Japanese theaters on July 26, 2016 but had a limited release of one week in select North American theaters, that was only briefly extended due to popular demand. Since the movie had such little exposure in the United States, most American fans weren't able to see the film for over a year. Now the wait is over.

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Originally titled Godzilla: Resurgence, Shin Godzilla was announced by Toho (the studio that created Godzilla) back in December of 2014, the same year that Legendary's Godzilla was released. Though thought of by some as Toho's answer to the American Godzilla, the company has frequently expressed that it wasn't produced to compete with Hollywood. Shin Godzilla, which happens to translate to "true Godzilla," features the tallest Godzilla to date, who stands at a towering 389 feet. Legendary's Godzilla previously held that distinction at 355 feet.

Shin Godzilla Nominated For Best Picture

As Toho's 29th Godzilla movie, Shin Godzilla is the first film in the franchise since 2004's Godzilla: Final Wars. It is also Toho's third attempt to reboot the franchise. Unlike previous Toho films, Shin Godzilla doesn't acknowledge any of Godzilla's history, making this a unique experience that's more akin to the original 1954 film. Viewers get to see the people of Japan react to Godzilla for the first time, instead of seeing him emerge after a long absence.

Like other Godzilla films, Shin Godzilla puts focus on the human experience and shows its audience the step-by-step reactions to the threat of Godzilla. The main characters are people within the Japanese government who struggle with the decisions they must make regarding the handling of the giant monster.

Shin Godzilla is also notable for providing the King of the Monsters with a whole new look. His monstrous appearance distances him from the more "handsome" versions of Godzilla that have been done in the past. Toho also managed to create the new Godzilla using a revised version of the traditional method. For decades, Toho's Godzilla has been brought to life using "a man in a suit." Though this technique could be seen as outdated to some, Toho used CGI to enhance the suit, making it look both realistic and terrifying.

Co-directed by Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi, Shin Godzilla stars Hiroki Hasegawa, Satomi Ishihara, and Yutaka Takenouchi.

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