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Shia LaBeouf In Charlie Countryman

There is a Shia LaBeouf movie marathon going on right now in New York with Shia LaBeouf in attendance, watching every one of his movies in reverse chronological order. Other Shia LaBeouf fans besides Shia LaBeouf are invited to attend, both in person and online via a website for the event (which is down as of the time of this writing, no doubt to a heavy influx of Shia LaBeouf-related traffic).

LaBeouf has become known more for his public shenanigans than his movies in recent years, like the time he was caught plagiarizing, apologized, and then was caught plagiarizing his apology. He then vowed to retire from public life, but that vow turned out to be roughly as genuine as his apology. He also spent some time in jail, an experience he has written about in a new memoir.

More recently, LaBeouf has approached his public persona with a certain amount of playful self-awareness, like when he appeared in the delightfully bizarre music video for a song titled, of course, 'Shia LaBeouf.' The website Polygon offers a glimpse of what's in store for viewers of his most recent publicity stunt:

"We've learned that when LaBeouf eats popcorn, he does not eat it kernel by kernel. LaBeouf requires the whole handful, in his mouth, all at once. LaBeouf's hands and arms are heavily tattooed. His eyes often water when watching his own films."

Shia LaBeouf in Fury

LaBeouf is not the first celebrity to have a public meltdown. He rose very quickly in the public consciousness through roles in high-profile films such as Transformers and the less-than beloved Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulland he seemed particularly unhappy about the latter. It's not easy to be "The Guy Who Ruined Indiana Jones," as unfair as it may be to pin that movie's failure on him.

Still, he has proven himself to be a solid actor when he's given good material to work with, such as Lars von Triers' Nymphomaniac and David Ayer's Fury. A Shia LaBeouf marathon would not be an entirely unpleasant experience, and hopefully sitting down to hours upon hours of his own work will make LaBeouf feel a little better about himself. Or, alternately, perhaps he'll get to the third Transformers movie and lose himself to abject despair.

Fans hoping to enjoy Shia LaBeouf's oeuvre along with the man himself will have two more days to do so after today. Hopefully the website will come back up and those of us not in New York will be able to join in the fun as well. Those that happen to be in the area, though, can head down to the Angelika Film Center on 18 West Houston Street.

Source: Polygon

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