Shia LaBeouf Says 'Transformers 3' is Good

'Transformers 3' stars Shia LaBeouf and Josh Duhamel talk about this movie being the best of the Michael Bay giant robot trilogy.

Outside of some set photos, video taken from the Chicago-shot scenes and a debate on whether or not Transformers 3 is being shot in 3D, we haven't heard that much on Michael Bay's next robotic explosion movie.

Expectations and buzz on Transformers 3 is mixed to say the least. With one of its stars replaced, the writers of the first two leaving the franchise and coming off a depressingly poor sequel, it's difficult to put faith in the project delivering what many moviegoers and critics would like to see in terms of quality. Two of the franchise's key actors however, say that this next movie will easily be the best.

In a recent interview with MTV, LaBeouf talked about Transformers 3, indicating that this time, the movie will be good and that he's confident in it. He had been shown a good 40 minutes of footage and had this to say about it:

"This is, and I'm not just BS-ing you, it's the best movie we've made of the three by far... The script is the best script we've had. The second movie, we were in the middle of a writers' strike, writing on the go... The first movie, we had the discovery, and this movie really is the fruition of the rhythm we've created out of five years working together. I'm super proud of this movie."

After hearing similar in regards to franchise installment number two, Revenge of the Fallen, we certainly need to wait until we see trailers and footage ourselves before coming to similar positive conclusions. Despite LaBeouf's confidence in Transformers 3, it will be his last and Paramount will need a new star when they go forward with sequels down the road.

"There's no more for me, at least. I'm never going to do it again. This is the last one, so it's balls-out. This is the best movie we've made, period, and that's a unanimous decision by everybody. The sizzle reel that [Bay] has been showing everybody on set, it's so outrageous. I'm very, very, very, very proud of it."

As for co-star Josh Duhamel, who's back again as fan-favorite Major William Lennox for the next Transformers, he speaks highly, but carefully, of the footage he was shown as well.

"I've seen about 10 minutes of it — just the stuff we shot in Chicago — and it's pretty awesome. It's all in Michael Bay's head, so you never know what the film's going to turn out like, but judging by the script and what we've shot, it's, I think, every bit as good, if not better than, the first two."

With knowing that the two most problematic characters of Transformers 2 will not be in the movie much, Ehren Kruger taking over the script duties by himself, and casting changes and additions, I am interested in seeing how TF3 differs from the previous installments. I am concerned that the film is being rushed too much for its release date, considering the intense special effects requirements which I thought needed a lot more work last time around.

Are you buying what Shia is selling?

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Transformers 3 hits theaters July 1st, 2011.

Source: MTV

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