Shia LaBeouf Talks Michael Bay, Megan Fox & Transformers 2 Action

Last fall Shia LaBeouf answered a few questions about how he felt about Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen. He spoke candidly about how director Michael Bay is doing this time around, about his beautiful co-star Megan Fox and what kind of action we can expect from the Transformers sequel.

On the subject of Michael Bay and how his direction style has “grown” since the first Transformers Shia said:

Mike has been better this time, he’s more comfortable and he’s doing different stuff,…It’s wild to watch Mike grow up and to acknowledge it.

He went on to say:

Every filmmaker, every movie out, something changes. You either gain something or you lose something, and I think this time Mike has gained a lot. I also think working with Steven (Spielberg) is really transforming Mike. His preparation is very different on this one than it was on the first one.

LaBeouf has plenty of experience when it comes to working with Spielberg and the influence the famed director brings to the table. Shia has been guided, mentored even, by Spielberg during most of his major motion picture life - on the sets of Disturbia, Eagle Eye and most recently Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

When discussing FHM’s Sexiest Woman of 2008, a.k.a. Megan Fox, and Michael Bay's supposed request for the actress to gain ten pounds before the shooting of Transformers 2, LaBeouf defended Fox by saying:

Megan Fox is gorgeous, still,…and no, I didn’t think she was too skinny when she came back to do this. Megan has never looked bad. There’s always something that Michael says, but he’s been good.

On a side note, in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Megan Fox had this to say about her status as a sex symbol:

I think it's wonderful. I didn't decide I'm gonna be an actress cause I wanna be respected for how I play chess.

Amen, Ms. Fox, Amen!

And before I forget, here's what our boy Sam Witwicky had to say about the action scenes in Transformers 2:

It’s bigger, faster and stronger than what we did the first time. We’re blowing everything up. I was just at Holloman Air Force Base, where we blew up an entire town!

It’s funny listening to a young man soon to be 23, who even by Hollywood standards is still "wet behind the ears", talk about how a talented older director, who has an established reputation in Hollywood, has “grown.” Maybe what LaBeouf is referring to is Bay’s penchant for yelling on set. Could it be that he has started mellowing out as experience comes with age?

No one knows for sure because it’s all really just opinion, but one thing is for sure: Love him or hate him, there is no denying that Bay knows how to put action on a screen and asses in theater seats.

There is much more to read from the interview with Shia LaBeouf. You can do so over at Cineplex.

Do you think LaBeouf is right and Michael Bay has grown under the tutelage of Steven Spielberg? Will that "growth" result in a better Transformers movie than the first?

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen explodes onto screens June 24, 2009.

Source: Cineplex & Yahoo News

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