LaBeouf and Hillcoat Circling Cop Thriller 'Triple Nine'

The perpetually busy Shia LaBeouf and John Hillcoat, the director of The Road,  have shown interest in a new script by Matt Cooke entitled Triple Nine. The crime drama is currently under the watchful eye of producer Steve Golin.

In case you didn’t know Triple Nine (999) is police code for an officer in immediate need of assistance.

It's still early to get to excited for the project, because neither LaBeouf nor Hillcoat have signed on to it yet. However, according to The Wrap:

“The story concerns a group of crooked cops planning a major heist who realize they must shoot one of their own in order to get away with it. The lead character is an upstanding young officer who they choose as their victim.”

As LaBeouf is circling the project, it’s pretty safe to assume that he’s interested in the “upstanding young officer” role.

In the past both LaBeouf and Hillcaot have been attached another film, The Promised Land, while LaBeouf has a pretty packed slate in the near future – that is if he ends up committing to every project he’s currently attached to. There’s the previously mentioned Promised Land; The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, Tony Scott’s Hell's Angels; The Associate (which might also be directed by Tony Scott), Indiana Jones 5 is also in the pipeline and the young actor is currently shooting Transformers 3 for action supremo Michael Bay. That’s a pretty long list of projects and it will be interesting to see which (if any) fall by the wayside.

That’s not to say that Hillcoat is resting on his laurels either. The Proposition director has also been linked to the western The Revenant, a remake of The Red Circle and a few other titles - so he’s been keeping busy since his troubled adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road failed to set the world on fire last year.

Like I said before, this project is in the very early stages of development and its progress really depends on whether LaBeouf or Hillcoat sign on. Going by the brief synopsis above, it seems like the script could be likened to a '70s cop thriller, like something Sydney Lumet would have directed – I’m thinking Serpico or Prince of the City or even William Freidkin’s The French Connection. Going by his previous films, it’s easy to see that Hillcoat could bring some of that grittiness to Triple Nine and make it something special. It remains to be seen if LaBeouf would have the gravitas or intensity to match what Al Pacino, Gene Hackman or even a young Treat Williams brought to their iconic roles as cops. Time will tell.

If there’s more news on Triple Nine, then you can read it here at Screen Rant. In the meantime you can next catch LaBeouf on the big screen in Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps which opens next month.

Source: The Wrap

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