First Look: 'She's Out of My League'

For the R-rated comedy fans out there, you'll probably be interested in a new film that's opening this coming Friday called She's Out of My League.

It stars Tropic Thunder's Jay Baruchel (whose looks to be finally getting his due as a comedic actor) as a young man who meets his perfect woman (who, as the title suggests, is a lot better looking than he is). But his lack of confidence along with the influence of friends and family causes the relationship to suffer.

The first trailers and clips from She's Out of my League appeared online a few weeks ago but nonetheless, Screen Rant is giving you a first look at the movie today. Below you'll find the two trailers - green band for general audiences, red band for us online folks to get a look at the true crude nature of the film. We've also included a few clips from the movie (one of them is also red band), as well as a poster.


These types of comedies have been springing up all over the place ever since the rise of the Judd Apatow comedy with The 40 Year Old Virgin. Funnily enough, the star of this movie, Jay Baruchel, played a very funny part in Apatow's Knocked Up a couple of years ago.

Personally I didn't find even the red band trailer all that funny, although I like seeing Baruchel finally getting a lead role. To me it looks like the film has the heart but the jokes are lacking for the most part (it gets really quite funny by the end of the trailer, though).

And it's the red band trailer so it's not a case of the best parts being cut because they're crude... I dunno', maybe it just doesn't hit the right notes for my sense of humor (apart from The 40 Year Old Virgin and Pineapple Express, I've never found Apatow comedies as hilarious as most). Having said that, I still think this one will do well at the box office. People can identify with the lead character and crude Apatow-esque humor often brings in the cash.

What do you think of She's Out of My League? Did you find the trailers and clips funnier than I did?

She's Out of My League hits theaters this Friday (March 12th).

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