Hollywood is curbing its efforts to bank on 1980s nostalgia (though not entirely – see the upcoming Jem and the Holograms live-action film), but that also means the ’90s are next on the docket for rebooting. This year, for example, the 1990s-born franchise Jurassic Park will attempt a comeback following a 14-year break (with the real-time sequel Jurassic World), while this December will bring with it a Point Break remake to theaters.

She’s All That, which ranks among the more famous (or infamous) high school comedies of the ’90s, is also reportedly getting a makeover for the 2010s. The movie, for those unfamiliar, starred a younger Rache Leigh Cook, Freddie Prinze. Jr., Matthew Lillard, and the late Paul Walker in a high school-based retelling of playwright George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion (the play that also served as the inspiration for the musical My Fair Lady).

The Tracking Board reports that Kenny Leon – a director who has worked primarily on TV projects like Hallmark romance movie In My Dreams and the Grey’s Anatomy TV show spinoff Private Practice – is onboard to helm the She’s All That remake, with Julie Rapaport (August: Osage County) overseeing the project’s development for Miramax and The Weinstein Company. No screenwriter (or screenwriting team) is mentioned in that report, however.

It’s worth noting that Miramax has (somewhat) denied that this story is accurate (see below). However, other outlets which reported the news are standing by the claim that a She’s All That remake is now making its way down the pipeline.

shes all that remake rachel leigh cook freddie prinze jr Shes All That Remake in the Works?

Again, for those not familiar: director Robert Iscove’s She’s All That, like fellow 1999 high school comedy 10 Things I Hate About You (a re-imagining of The Taming of the Shrew), strives to provide a modernized version of an old story – where, in this case, a popular high school jock (Prinze) attempts to turn an outsider (Cook) into the school’s prom queen.

She’s All That was a commercial success (it grossed $103 million worldwide on a $10 million budget), but even in 1999 the critical reception was lukewarm at best – though, it was something of a high point for Iscove, compared to later directorial efforts like Boys and Girls and From Justin to Kelly. Nowadays, though, the original She’s All That seems pretty hilariously dated in just about every respect. Just watch its original trailer, for case in point:

The ’80s and ’90s high school comedy format has mostly been out of fashion for a while, with exceptions like Easy A and this past February’s The Duff – and even those films are throwbacks of sorts. Nowadays, the high school experience tends to instead be looked at through the lens of genre movies (like found-footage films Chronicle and Project Almanac) – or, alternatively, novel adaptations that deal with heavier subject matter (The Spectacular NowThe Fault in Our Stars).

Which is to say: it’s not entirely clear how well a She’s All That remake (even one with a distinctly more contemporary outlook) would fit with the current movie climate. Again, though, it appears to be early days on this project, so best to wait and see if it makes any more forward progress before giving it too much thought or concern.

We’ll bring you more information on the She’s All That remake when we have it.

Source: The Tracking Board, Jeff Sneider

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