Sherlock Season 4: Moriarty's Return Teased in New Promo

The latest promo for Sherlock season 4 teases the long-awaited return of Andrew Scott's Moriarty to the beloved BBC TV series.

Sherlock Season 4 Promo Teases Moriarty's Return

Fans of BBC's Sherlock have become used to the long gaps between seasons that are due largely to the difficulties of getting the show's stars and creative team back together at the same time - with both Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch's star power having significantly increased since the series first began. Luckily, their wait is almost over with the series set to return with its fourth season on January 1st, catching back up with Sherlock and Watson as they're back at it, solving crimes throughout London while also facing off against a new villain... and welcoming in a small new addition to their team.

One of the biggest questions going into Sherlock season 4, really ever since the third season's finale cliffhanger, and especially since the ending of last year's Christmas special, is what role Andrew Scott's Moriarty will be playing throughout the season. Indeed, it seems like the beloved villain has some big plans in store for not only Sherlock, but the whole world, and all that's left to be revealed is what they are, and if they're actually being enacted posthumously or not.

Today too, a new video promo for the upcoming season was revealed on the show's Facebook page, which once again featured a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot of Moriarty, along with the now iconic, "Did you miss me?" playing over the entire promo. Check it out for yourself below:

In addition to Scott's Moriarty, Toby Jones will also be playing Culverton Smith in the new season, a villain that has been described as "the purest evil." In the original Adventures of the Dying Detective, Smith attempted to poison Sherlock by sending him a present, with Holmes eventually catching on and faking being near-death so that he could hear the villain confess to several murders. Given the other antagonists that have been featured on Sherlock so far, it seems safe to say that Jones' Smith may be involved in some even more dastardly deeds than just trying to poison Sherlock, especially if he's truly the darkest villain that the show has yet seen.

The same has been said repeatedly about the entirety of the fourth season, however, which will apparently see Sherlock having to face the consequences of his actions, in more ways than one, and finally meet the demons he's created throughout his life. What exactly that means will have to wait to be seen, but finding out just how involved Moriarty actually is in the season's events, should prove to be one of its more tantalizing and exciting mysteries.

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Sherlock returns to BBC 1 in the U.K., and PBS in the U.S., with ‘The Six Thatchers’ on January 1st, 2017.

Source: Facebook

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