'Sherlock' 2015 Special First Look: Watson's Got a New Mustache

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When they're not starring in huge blockbusters like Star Trek Into Darkness and The Hobbit trilogy, or giving critically acclaimed performances in FX's Fargo or the upcoming film, The Imitation Game, actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman play the leads in the little known, British mystery-drama, Sherlock.

Who are we kidding!? Sherlock is anything but "little known." In fact, it's the success of the Steven Moffat/Mark Gatiss' created series that turned Cumberbatch and Freeman into the highly sought after stars they are today.

Audiences were charmed by its first series and absolutely stunned by its second, that by the time Sherlock's third series began fans were foaming at the mouth, rabid for an explanation to "The Reichenbach Fall"s chilling cliffhanger. Series 3 also left consulting detective Sherlock and partner-in-solving-crime, John Watson in something of a precarious situation, and one that fans are just as eager to see resolved.

However, it'll be some time before we return to 221B Baker Street. Sherlock's series 4 won't be airing until 2016, which is quite the agonizing wait considering series 3 wrapped earlier this year. It's a small appeasement then, that there will be a special episode of Sherlock airing some time in 2015.

And as an early Christmas treat, Sherlock producer Sue Vertue has tweeted the first image (and script tease) of Sherlock and Watson together again. Check it out below!

Benedict Cumberbatch Martin Freeman Sherlock 2015 Special

What's immediately noticeable is that we've got Sherlock and Watson in period dress, something you'd expect from any of the dozens of Victorian-set Sherlock Holmes adaptations, but not for this more modern version. Should we expect time travel in this Sherlock special? I wouldn't count on it. No matter how much we all wish to see a Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover, it just isn't happening. Gatiss has Tweeted that the special is "based on the lost story 'The Adventure of the Missing Shoulder'...", which doesn't sound like something that requires time-traveling, sadly. (Also, he's kidding, folks.)

In that case, the reason for their odd attire is likely tied to whatever mystery needs solving. This wouldn't be the first time Sherlock has employed a disguise, after all. Watson's new mustache fits that bowler hat just perfectly, but the real shock is Sherlock's haircut! Or has he simply stuffed all his hair up inside that top hat?

Sherlock Season 4 Premiere Date

[SPOILER for Sherlock Season 3 ahead!]




We don't know much about this planned Sherlock special beyond recent comments from Gatiss which imply there'll be an explanation for why Jim Moriarty's face appeared all over every screen in London at the end of series 3. Sherlock's arch-nemesis committed suicide during the series 2 finale, but whether or not he's really back or if it's just someone else using his face remains unclear. Either way, the appearance of Moriarty - no matter the origin - can't be good news for Sherlock or those close to him.

What do you think of this first image from the forthcoming Sherlock special? Will a one-off episode be enough to tide you over until series 4 returns? Drop us a line in the comments below!

Sherlock will return for a special episode in 2015; series 4 returns in 2016.

Source: Sue Vertue

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