New 'Sherlock' Season 3 Trailer: #Sherlocklives

Another trailer for 'Sherlock' season 3 has arrived, in which John and Sherlock are finally reunited.

Genius detective Sherlock Holmes' one true passion is solving mysteries, but there's no denying that he likes to show off a bit as well. Perhaps it's no surprise that on the day of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special episode, the BBC's other most highly-hyped TV show should all of sudden rear its head as well.

Earlier today the BBC released the first new entry to John Watson's blog in almost two years and published a host of new set photos. Since Doctor Who's anniversary was marked with the official hashtag #savetheday, Sherlock also gets a Twitter-friendly tag with the nice and simple #sherlocklives. The hashtag is emblazoned all over a brand new teaser trailer for the show that heralds the return of Sherlock into the public eye - and into John's life as well.

The first teaser trailer for the new series came with a shocking reveal: Martin Freeman has joined the ranks of many Watsons before him and grown a respectable mustache during the time between seasons. It was only glimpsed from afar during the first teaser, but this new video shows it up close and in full HD glory. Here's hoping it sticks around for a while.

Anderson in the 'Sherlock Holmes' teaser trailer

It also appears that the new season will be indulging in some meta-commentary, as a good half of the teaser is dedicated to showing Sherlock Holmes' fan club (something that exists in real life with a fierce intensity) reacting to the news of his survival.

Rather bizarrely, Metropolitan Police forensic specialist Anderson, with whom Sherlock has previously had a rather adversarial relationship, is apparently now a member of the fan club as well. Not only that, but he's also grown the Facial Hair of Mourning. What's going on?

It won't be too long before everyone's questions are answered. The first episode of season 3 is set to air in the USA in mid-January and will arrive in the UK even sooner than that. For those who have theories about how exactly a certain magic trick in "The Reichenbach Fall" was pulled off, get your ideas written down and find out if you were right.


Sherlock returns to PBS on January 19th, 2014. A UK premiere date has not yet been announced.

Source: BBC

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