'Sherlock' Season 3, Episode 2 Promo; Episode 1 Draws Big Ratings for BBC

Sherlock fans in the U.S. will have to be careful while navigating the web for the next couple weeks, seeing how the first episode of the series' long-awaited third season premiered on BBC One on New Year's Day 2014. Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss' modern re-imagining of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous sleuth faked his death in the season 2 finale "The Reichenbach Fall" and those who caught the premiere last night were finally presented with an answer to the riddle of how he pulled his ruse off (note: please do not post any SPOILERS for the season 3 premiere, 'The Empty Hearse", in the comments section of this article).

"Reichenbach Fall" writer Steve Thompson wrote the second installment in series 3 of Sherlock (titled "The Sign of Three"), and you can now watch the promo for that episode. The footage only reveals what's already been well-established through previous casting announcements, synopses and images released for "The Sign of Three" - that John Watson's (Martin Freeman) wedding is interrupted when his best man Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) realizes there's a murderer on the loose.

That's to say, you may feel free to watch the latest Sherlock trailer without fear of having any of the major twists and turns in "The Empty Hearse" spoiled for you, nor being given additional information about the season's over-arching developments (assuming that you haven't watched the season 3 premiere yet).

Sherlock Season 3

Deadline is reporting that "The Empty Hearse" was the most-watched Sherlock episode in the UK yet, having drawn a 33.8% share - making it the most-watched program on the BBC on New Year's Day - and been viewed by some 9.2 million viewers, with a peak of 9.7 million. For comparison, the first series of Sherlock averaged 7.5 million viewers and season 2 jumped up to 8 million when it originally aired on the BBC. Meanwhile, the recent "event" episodes for the Steven Moffat-run Doctor Who - the 50th anniversary special and the Christmas 2013 special - attracted some 10.6 million and 8.3 million people, on average.

Again, we ask that you please refrain from posting explicit spoilers for the Sherlock season 3 premiere in the comments section of this article. A proper discussion thread will be made available on Screen Rant, when "The Empty Hearse" airs in the U.S.


Sherlock Season 3, Episode 2 "The Sign of Three" airs in the UK on January 5th, 2014; "The Empty Hearse" premieres in the U.S. on PBS two weeks later on January 19th.

Source: Deadline

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