Sherlock Holmes & Shutter Island Early Reviews

[This article is SPOILER-FREE]

Are you guys seriously anticipating Guy Ritchie's upcoming adaptation of Sherlock Holmes? How about Martin Scorsese's adaptation of Dennis Lehane's (Mystic River) novel, Shutter Island?

If you answered yes to either or both of those, then you may be interested to know that we're now seeing some early reactions to both films and we've gathered snippets of those reactions to share with you. These are only the opinions of a few, so please do take them with a BIG grain of salt.

Also, I've kept both reactions strictly SPOILER-FREE, so you can read at your leisure without spoiling anything.

We'll do things in order of release date. First up, Sherlock Holmes. Here are an early batch of reviews, as collected by our friends over at Slash Film. Click the links on each selected quote to read the full review:

The Hollywood Reporter: “Guy Ritchie’s flamboyant, scorched-earth style ill fits Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation, but few among modern moviegoers will care.” … “Sherlock Holmes goes wrong in many ways” … “Even the Holmes/Watson pairing is odd, but if the film concentrated at all on character, it might have worked.” … “The plot? Wish you hadn’t asked. One is not meant to completely understand it, of course; you never do in a Ritchie movie. ”

Variety: “If you can get over the idea of Sherlock Holmes as an action hero — and if, indeed, you want to — then there is something to enjoy about this flagrant makeover” … “Such Holmes purists as may remain will blanch, but young audiences, particularly males, will likely swill the topped-out serving of sweaty masculinity, flexing muscle, imaginative violence, unusual weaponry, impudent banter and ballsy effrontery.” … “the single most important craft contribution is Hans Zimmer’s score.”

Sherlock Holmes to be in 3D?

"I'm beginning to deduce that Avatar may be the X-mas '09 box office champ..."

Uh-oh, not quite the same as the generally strong reviews that Avatar has gotten - could Sherlock Holmes fall before James Cameron's sci-fi/fantasy Juggernaut? I know a lot of our readers haven't felt that way, but...

Go HERE if you want a look at some other early reviews of Sherlock Holmes.

On to Shutter Island:  Harry Knowles over at AICN recently celebrated his birthday with another installment of the "Butt-num-a-thon," a 24-hour movie marathon that features screenings of some classic films and even surprise screenings of some yet-to-be-released flicks (BTW, thanks for the invite, Harry! ;-) ).

I say all that to say: Shutter Island was one of those "secret surprise" films screened at Harry's birthday bash and Slash Film's Peter Sciretta posted this early reaction:

The trailers also give away a bit too much, which concerned me because I, like many others I have talked to, had a good idea what the ending of the film might be.  And while I may have been partly correct, the film is thankfully much more than a twist or two — it is more about the journey and discovery along the way.

The reaction from the audience was split. Most seemed to love the film, but a big faction of people couldn’t get past either the obvious ending or the possibly illogical steps that you go through to get to that conclusion. For me the story was not only able to satisfy my questions and concerns, and not only holds up, but gets better after the revelations that comes from recollection. I actually would love to see the film again to discover some of the clues I might have missed along the way.

"Will it all make sense? I don't know, I don't know..."

Head on back over to Slash Film to hear a more detailed reaction from Sciretta and other "Masters of the Web."

So, have those reactions effected your outlook on either film? are you now scrambling to find out if your preconceived notions have been shattered? Or do not care what these guys think?

Sherlock Holmes will be in theaters Christmas Day.

Shutter Island will be in theaters on February 19, 2010.

Sources: Slash Film, AICN, THR, Variety

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