Latest Sherlock Holmes Posters: the Villain and the Damsel

Today we have the latest two character posters from Guy Ritchie's upcoming take on Sherlock Holmes. The first two character-centric posters showed off the titular character (Robert Downey Jr.) and his faithful assistant, Dr. Watson (Jude Law). The two latest posters show off two the film's supporting characters: the villainous Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) and Holmes' love interest, Adler (Rachel McAdams).

The posters continue in the exact same style as the previous two, with a foggy and almost blurry nature that (as I've said before) adds to the mystery and mysticism surrounding the plot. Check out both of the posters below (click either for larger version):




Although it wasn't difficult to predict, I must note that I saw these two character posters coming a mile off (you can check my previous post if you don't believe me :P ). Both Strong and McAdams already convinced me in the two Holmes trailers that they look good in their respective roles, but nonetheless, it's cool to see them get their very own posters.

As I said when the Downey Jr./Law posters came out: the style don't seem in line with everything else we've seen from Sherlock Holmes. They're cool and all, but not exactly what fits best with the film, IMHO.

What do you think of these latest posters?

Sherlock Holmes is set to be released on Christmas Day in the U.S., and on Boxing Day in the UK, both in 2009.

Source: MSN (thanks to Collider)

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