'Sherlock Holmes 2' Set Photos

Robert Downey Jr. sports brown locks and Jude Law still has his pencil-thin mustache in the first photos from the set of Guy Ritchie's blockbuster sequel, Sherlock Holmes 2.

Ritchie and his crew have begun shooting the followup to last year's successful "updated" cinematic take on Sherlock Holmes, which features Downey Jr. as the brilliant titular detective and Law as his loyal companion, Dr. Watson - the straight man (no pun intended) of the duo.

Joining these two fellows in Sherlock Holmes 2 will be the likes of Noomi Rapace as the film's female lead, a "French Gypsy"; Stephen Fry as Sherlock's older brother, Mycroft; and (reportedly) Jared Harris as S. Holme's arch-nemesis, Professor Moriarty. Rachel McAdams is rumored to be reprising her turn as Irene Adler for the sequel, but she is expected to get even less screen time than she did in the first Sherlock Holmes adventure.

The first images from the set of Sherlock Holmes 2 offer a look at Downey Jr.'s new hairdo and both he and Law riding around via horse-drawn carriage - nothing to get overly excited about just yet, but it's a good reminder that bigger and better things are on their way.

Check out some of the Sherlock Holmes 2 set photos below:

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Sherlock Holmes grossed over half a billion dollars in theaters worldwide and was generally well-received by moviegoers, with our own Vic Holtreman reiterating claims that the film played out like "a cross between 'Batman Begins' and the first 'Pirates of the Caribbean'" (read his review HERE). Anticipation is pretty high for Sherlock Holmes 2, which will hopefully finish off the 2011 holiday season on a high note - much like its predecessor did last winter.

Sherlock Holmes 2 arrives in theaters in the U.S. on December 16th, 2011.

Source: Coming Soon

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