'Sherlock' Christmas Special: First Look at Victorian London

If fans of BBC's Sherlock are accustomed to anything, it's waiting. With two years between seasons (or series as they're known as), each consisting of only three 90-minute episodes, showrunner Steven Moffat's updated take on Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective is on hiatus much, much more than it’s on television. However, to tide fans over before season 4, Sherlock will air a Christmas special this year featuring Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman).

After images from the set were released online, Moffat confirmed the Christmas special will take place in Victorian London as a "separate entity" from the show's full seasons. Now, the first look from the episode was revealed at Comic-Con International and features Sherlock’s main characters in a familiar place, but an unfamiliar time.

The clip (above) shows Holmes and Watson returning to 221B West Baker St. to meet Mrs. Hudson (Una Stubbs) after wrapping up a case. The scene appears to be the same that Cumberbatch and Freeman were filming when photos were taken of them on set. In addition to their change in attire, and since this is Victorian London, the duo have traded modern black cabs for a horse-drawn coach and Watson has traded his blog for "stories."

Though little is known about the actual plot of the episode, the characters’ costuming designs were revealed earlier this year and a newer photo was released just before San Diego Comic-Con. This first clip shows Mrs. Hudson in her Victorian finest, and Moffat revealed at the Sherlock panel that DI Lestrade (Rupert Graves) will appear in the special as well. However, it remains to be seen whether other Sherlock characters - like fan-favorite James Moriarty (Andrew Scott) - will appear.

Sherlock Christmas Special First Clip

The scene appears to be from the beginning of Sherlock Christmas special episode so the case that Holmes, Watson, and Mrs. Hudson are discussing likely won't be part of the main plot. However, the clip should give fans a good idea of what to expect from the episode, namely all their favorite characters but with more references to Arthur Conan Doyle's versions of the great detective and his compatriots.

Although the Christmas special won’t answer any questions from the season 3 finale, it will at least allow viewers to revisit the characters of Holmes and Watson as played by Cumberbatch and Freeman. Additionally, the Victorian setting will let viewers see a truer mash-up of Moffat’s characters with Doyle’s vision. Because of this, the Christmas special is sure to be a fun episode for fans of Sherlock. Plus, perhaps it will make the wait for season 4 that much easier.

What do you think of the first clip from the Sherlock Christmas special? Are you excited for the Victorian London-set episode? Let us know in the comments!

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The Sherlock Christmas special is expected to air in December in the UK.

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