Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle Film Reboot In Development

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Sheena: Queen of the Jungle will once again be coming to cinemas, as a new film focused on the comic book hero is currently in development. Success often breeds imitation. And when it comes to 2017, it's hard not to notice a few movies that stuck out. Logan's success will continue the push for R-rated superhero movies, Beauty and the Beast's box office power will ensure Disney keeps making live-action versions of their films — which others will imitate — and then there's Wonder Woman.

While the past few decades have seen plenty of successful female-led action films, Wonder Woman's continued box office dominance may finally prove to open the floodgates for female genre films. Raking in more and more money each weekend, Wonder Woman is now three months out from its release and has just cracked the top 5 superhero movie list. Though it's not likely to make much more money, its accolades so far have been impressive. As such, now is the perfect time to strike for similar film properties.

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Deadline is reporting that Millennium Films will next attempt to emulate the success of Wonder Woman with a cinematic reboot of Sheena: Queen of the Jungle. While no other information regarding the project is known, the film may actually stand a chance at box office success. Sheena has some name recognition, both from the comics and multiple TV shows and one previous film. If Millennium films can capitalize on that and get a solid creative team and cast in place, they may have a hit.

Beating Wonder Woman by several years, Sheena was the first female comic character to headline her own series. Though not the first female superhero, her exploits in 1937 quickly led to her own title and decades of popularity. Both the '50s and the year 2000 saw a TV series based on the character. She also had a film in 1984 starring Tanya Roberts (That '70s Show), which was made into a comic by Marvel. There have even been a few Bollywood films focusing on the character, potentially increasing her global audience.

Similar to Tarzan, Sheena finds herself orphaned in the jungle as a child. There, she learns to fight, survive, and communicate with animals. Though not a household name, Sheena is far from the most obscure comic character to jump to the big screen. With the success of relatively unknown properties like Kingsman proving to be sleeper hits at the box office, it's not hard to see Sheena: Queen of the Jungle following Wonder Woman and posting big numbers when it eventually hits theaters.

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Source: Deadline

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