Venom: Michelle Williams Wants a She-Venom Movie Spinoff for Anne Weying

Michelle Williams reveals she would like to star in a Venom spinoff movie as She-Venom. This fall, Sony will launch the first in what they hope will be a long line of Marvel-based films, placing the iconic Spider-Man villain front and center on the big screen. While reactions to the marketing materials have been mixed so far, the talented ensemble cast remains an asset for fans to get excited about. In addition to Tom Hardy (who plays Eddie Brock), the film stars the likes of Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams (among others) in key supporting roles.

Landing the 4-time Oscar nominee Williams was a very impressive get for director Ruben Fleischer, since she has largely stayed away from studio franchise fare in her career. She's best known for her turns in smaller, character-driven dramas such as Blue Valentine and Manchester by the Sea. The change-of-pace of portraying Anne Weying seems to have had a positive effect on her, as Williams is hoping she has more to do with her character in future installments.

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In an interview with Total Film (hat tip CBM), Williams briefly touched on the possibility of Anne becoming She-Venom onscreen:

"She-Venom would be a dream come true!"

Fans of the comics know this is the trajectory Anne follows on the page. Brock's ex-wife first appeared as She-Venom in 1995, bonding with the symbiote after an incident with Sin-Eater. Of course, any adaptation takes artistic liberties, but it wouldn't be surprising if the filmmakers eventually wanted to go down this path. Anne's future will depend greatly on how Venom is received both critically and commercially, and if the film is a hit, then followups will surely come. Hardy is contracted for three films, so Sony is definitely banking on this being a tentpole for them for the next handful of years. Their need for Venom to be successful could be why the higher-ups are keen on ensuring Venom is rated PG-13, allowing it to play to a wider audience.

At this stage, Venom appears to be in solid shape. Early box office projections have it pegged to break the all-time October opening weekend record, as it takes advantage of a weakened landscape without much (direct) competition. If that's how things pan out, then Williams will likely get her chance to bring She-Venom to life. Considering it's executed properly, Weying's arc would give the actress a meaty role to explore, as Ann's life went to some dark places once she bonded with the symbiote.

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Source: Total Film (via CBM)

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