Venom's Weirdest Moment Can Lead To A Darker Sequel

Venom and Michelle Williams as Anne Weying

WARNING: Spoilers for Venom.

Venom brought She-Venom to the big screen, which could lead the way for the sequel to take a seriously dark turn. The character of Venom has always had a long and strange history of psychosexual weirdness. The Symbiote’s sadistic and co-dependent relationship with his many hosts, especially with Eddie Brock, has produced some of the most psychologically fascinating stories in the Spider-Man canon. Eddie has frequently compared his partnership with the parasitic alien to that of a romantic relationship and the pair recently even had a baby Symbiote together.

The film Venom, with Tom Hardy on double casting duties as both Eddie and the voice of Venom, happily plays up the relationship aspect for comedic punch. Yet the most striking example of the film acknowledging Venom’s sexy weirdness and that underlying power comes with a kiss that could be described as a threesome.

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After Venom and Eddie become separated in the film, Eddie is kidnapped by Carlton Drake’s men. Before they can kill him, though, Venom attacks with the help of a new host: Eddie’s ex-girlfriend, the attorney Anne Weying, played by Michelle Williams. This is She-Venom. With a long kiss, Venom is transferred back to Eddie and Anne panics over having bitten off a man’s head. It’s weird and sexy and funny and has already inspired plenty of fan-fiction.

Anne’s History as She-Venom

She-Venom Ann Weying

This moment will be familiar to Venom fans who have read the comics, as it echoes the infamous moment when Anne becomes She-Venom. In the comics, Anne Weying is Eddie Brock's ex-wife rather than ex-fiance. She's a successful lawyer who briefly helped out Spider-Man when he was hunting for Eddie/Venom. After convincing Eddie - who had been driven insane by his bond to the Symbiote - to give up on his bitter vendetta against Spider-Man, Anne is shot by Sin-Eater and the Symbiote bonds with her to save her life.

She then launched her own rampage against the men who had wronged her in the past, exacting her revenge with such violence that even Eddie was afraid of her. While Anne was horrified by what she/She-Venom had done, she also enjoyed the power, much like Eddie. Eventually, she was sent to prison on a false charge and escaped with help from the Symbiote, but gave up control of it in order to save Eddie's life. Later, she would commit suicide over the trauma of the ordeal.

What Next for She-Venom In The Movies?

Ann Weying becomes She-Venom

Venom has been a bigger box office hit than expected, breaking October box office records and effortlessly making its budget back and then so. At this point it seems all but certain that Venom will get the sequel hinted at in its post-credits scene.

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Yet while the focus of Venom sequel talk has been on the future appearance of Woody Harrelson's Carnage, it’s She-Venom that hints at much more interesting prospects for the franchise. Bringing Anne front and center would not only allow an opportunity for Michelle Williams to truly shine in a role that is rather underwritten in the first film, it would further complicate the dynamic between Eddie and the Symbiote. Venom ends with both Eddie and Venom determined to win back Anne romantically after she admits to having enjoyed the power the Symbiote gave her. The dynamics of power, gender and romance this triad would offer would be unique to the genre and also give the superhero world a new female villain, something that remains in oddly short supply given their popularity in the comics.

Venom is at its most interesting as both a character and a narrative when it embraces the tangled web of psychosexual power dynamics created by the bond between human and Symbiote. Some humans react better than others to being hosts while some Symbiotes find themselves struggling for control with certain humans under their rule. An opportunity to see how Anne, a law-abiding and headstrong lawyer who has gotten a taste for unimaginable power, deals with becoming She-Venom would bring something new to the table, not just for Venom 2 or the Spider-Man villain universe Sony are building, but for the superhero genre at large.

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