Netflix's She-Ra Reboot Trailer Teases Adora's First Transformation

The first trailer for DreamWorks TV's She-Ra reboot teases Adora's first transformation into She-Ra, while paying homage to film Secret of the Sword.

She-Ra Adora Finds A Magic Sword

The first trailer for DreamWorks TV's revamp of the classic animated series She-Ra teases Princess Adora's first transformation into "the most powerful woman in the universe." It also offers a subtle homage to The Secret of the Sword - the animated movie that first introduced the character of She-Ra.

The original She-Ra: Princess of Power series premiered in 1985 and was produced as a joint venture between toy company Mattel and animation studio Filmation, as a spin-off of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. The series focused upon Princess Adora, the long-lost twin sister of Prince Adam, and her efforts to atone for her past as a part of The Evil Horde by fighting to free the planet of Etheria from the rule of her foster father, Hordak. Much like how her brother used a magical sword to transform into the all-powerful He-Man, Adora used her Sword of Honor to transform into She-Ra. Both the cartoon and the associated toy line (which combined the action figures of He-Man with the brushable hair and costume elements of Barbie) were huge hits and it is hoped the new Netflix She-Ra TV show revival of the classic series will be just as popular.

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DreamWorks TV released the trailer, which can be viewed below, on their official YouTube channel. The trailer mirrors the scene in the Secret of the Sword movie in which Princess Adora first discovered the great destiny that awaited her, with a woman's voice calling her name and guiding her to where the Sword of Honor awaits.

The brief scene in the trailer is more Arthurian in scope than in the original movie, with Adora discovering the sword clutched in a cluster of vines in the center of a forest clearing - perhaps The Whispering Woods of the original show. It also seems likely that the voice of the woman talking to Adora through the sword belongs to The Sorceress - the enigmatic figure who often helped He-Man from Castle Grayskull. In the original Secret of the Sword movie, it was The Sorceress who opened the pathway between worlds so that Prince Adam could find his abducted sister and informed Adora of her true origins as Princess of Eternia.

Another interesting note is that the full title of the new She-Ra series in the logo is She-Ra: Princesses of Powerrather than the singular "Princess of Power" from the original series. This may indicate that the new cartoon will be more of an ensemble piece akin to My Little Pony, with Princess Adora's allies in The Great Rebellion being given more of a chance to shine. Fans will have to wait two more months for She-Ra's scheduled premiere in November to find out for certain.

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She-Ra: Princesses of Power season 1 premieres November 16 on Netflix.

Source: DreamWorks TV

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