16Her skirt defied gravity by executive order

She-Ra Animation Still

Maybe it comes of spending so much time working in a world of innocence on entertainment aimed at shaping young minds but the history of animation is rife with examples of adult humor and fan-service being snuck into children's programming.

Presumably aware of this and how She-Ra's costume design would

draw accusations of being too revealing in any event, Executive Producer Lou Scheimer lay down the law with Animation Coordinator Dori Littell-Herrick early on during the show's production. Scheimer decreed that under no circumstances would the cartoon depict She-Ra's underwear, no matter how high her kicks or acrobatic her flips.

The team animating the He-Man/She-Ra Christmas Special apparently missed the memo. She-Ra's white bloomers are briefly visible at one point, as she kicks her way through a force-field.

She-Ra Action Figure With Mask Headdress
Next 15 Her action figure's headdress was also a mask

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