She-Ra NYCC Trailer Reveals Adora Shares Her Secret Identity With Others

NYCC 2018 She-Ra

The first full trailer for the first season of Netflix's reboot of the classic animated series She-Ra has revealed big changes, as Princess Adora will no longer be hiding her secret identity as She-Ra from her friends in The Great Rebellion. The trailer also addresses two major plot-holes from the original series' origin story for She-Ra, which have often been a source of humor and criticism for the show's fans and detractors.

Created in 1985 to offer a girl-friendly companion to He-Man And The Masters of the Universe, She-Ra: Princess of Power centered upon the adventures of Adora, Princess of Eternia. Kidnapped in infancy by the villain Hordak and raised as his own daughter on the planet of Etheria, Adora grew up ignorant of her heritage and the great destiny that awaited her until her long-lost twin brother Adam delivered unto her The Sword of Honor. The magical power of the sword revealed the truth of her life to Adora, allowing her to transform into the legendary heroine She-Ra, much as her brother changed into the warrior He-Man. Adora elected to remain on Etheria, however, joining The Great Rebellion that arose against Hordak's Evil Horde to atone for her past crimes, with only a few trusted allies knowing that Princess Adora and She-Ra were one and the same.

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Dreamworks TV revealed the first full trailer for the first season of the She-Ra reboot, which can be viewed below, at NYCC 2018 before posting it to their YouTube channel. Dreamworks TV also revealed the first poster for the new series, which can also be viewed below.

The biggest revelation to come from the trailer is that Adora will reveal her secret identity to the rest of the warriors in The Great Rebellion early on in the series. It seems that she will encounter The Great Rebellion first as She-Ra and be told of a prophecy that the legendary warrior She-Ra would return and aid The Great Rebellion at a time of great need. Adora does this to win some degree of trust from the rebels, as they would have no reason to believe Adora's word that she wished to atone for her crimes as part of Hordak's army otherwise.

In addition to providing its target young audience with an important moral lesson about honesty, this trailer tackles two oddities from the original She-Ra backstory. First, it addresses how quickly and easily Princess Adora is able to win the trust of The Great Rebellion without any sign of contrition beyond an apology for everything she did as part of The Evil Horde. It also addresses just how Adora could have no idea that the group that raised her, which openly called itself The Evil Horde, might be a bit on the dodgy side. In the new series, The Horde is called The Evil Horde by everyone else and Adora is revealed to have had a sheltered upbringing far away from the commoners that The Evil Horde oppressed.

These changes, while unlikely to win over those who have blasted the She-Ra reboot for its cartoonish art style and racially diverse cast, speak to the care and craft that show-runner Noelle Stevenson and the rest of her creative team have put into the new series. Based on what we see here, the show will offer a welcome balance of action, humor and good moral lessons - just like the original Princess of Power cartoon. Thankfully, fans will not have long to wait for the show's arrival.

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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power season 1 premieres on Netflix on November 16.

Source: Dreamworks TV

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