She-Ra Reboot Series Announced By Netflix & Noelle Stevenson

She-Ra, the classic 1980s cartoon about a warrior princess, will be rebooted by Eisner Award winning cartoonist Noelle Stevenson for Netflix in 2018.

She Ra in She Ra

In more recent years, Netflix has revived several classic properties as well as continued their expansion as a production company by moving on to produce all kinds of content, including animated series. A recent report confirmed both these trends will continue, as Netflix is set to revive a classic '80s property.

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According to Variety, Netflix will revive the 1980s animated series She-Ra: Princess Of Power as part of their 2018 line-up. This She-Ra revival is being overseen by Eisner Award-winning cartoonist Noelle Stevenson. Best known for her work on the comic series Lumberjanes and graphic novel Nimona, Stevenson confirmed the announcement on her Twitter account, stating that she would be acting as showrunner for the new series and that it would be produced by Dreamworks TV. She added in a second Twitter post that she had been working on this project in secret for over two years and there are some other tremendous talents tied to it.

A spin-off of He-Man and The Masters Of The Universe, She-Ra focused upon the adventures of Adora, Princess of Eternia. Abducted as an infant and taken to the neighboring world of Etheria, Adora was raised by the villainous Hordak and trained to be a general in his Evil Horde. Adora was unaware of her origins until the arrival of He-Man, who was secretly her long-lost twin-brother, Adam. With the truth revealed, Adora joined the rebellion against Hordak and took up a magic sword that transformed her into She-Ra, granting her a variety of fantastic magic powers including super-strength and a healing touch!

Despite Stevenson's pedigree, there are some who doubt that She-Ra has any relevance in the modern day. Like the He-Man series which preceded it, the original She-Ra cartoons were little more than thinly disguised toy commercials. Most of the She-Ra toys were designed with hair-brushing in mind more than imposing any kind of positive message or presenting strong feminist icons.

Still, the recent success of the Wonder Woman film has proven that audiences are open to the idea of warrior women as role models for young girls. And if My Little Pony can be transformed from a simple cartoon into an empire that holds appeal for fans of all ages, surely the Princess of Power can change with the times as well. Either way, it is probably best to withhold any judgement until the new series premieres on Netflix in 2018.

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Source: Variety

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