She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Ending Explained

Will Entrapta Ever Return to the Rebellion?

Entrapta seems too charming to stay in the Horde forever. She’s distracted by anything technological and doesn’t seem to bear anyone any real ill-will so long as she gets to tinker around with First Ones technology. She doesn’t hate the Horde or the Princesses, really. That attitude in and of itself is dangerous considering that it makes her vulnerable to Catra’s manipulations, which eventually results in her changing sides. And she certainly seems emotionally fulfilled (if a little batty) doing her job increasing the deadly power of the Horde. But considering she seems to have more of a soul than Hordak and Shadow Weaver and joined the Horde under false pretenses, is there a chance she could be turned back?

Probably not any time soon, unfortunately. Entrapta was a villain in the original She-Ra series, and given how well she rounds out Team Horde with Scorpia’s oddly sunny disposition and Catra’s deadly determination, there’s no real reason to change that. She might get a redemption arc at some point down the road (especially given how genuinely upset her friends were at the thought of her death), but, for now, she's happy where she is. Plus, her dynamic with the rest of the Horde provides welcome levity.

The Princesses Finally Unite

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 1 Finale

One of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’s deviations from the source material was the choice to reimagine the idea of a “princess.” Instead of a Adora being the only Princess among a team of powered individuals, she's one among many, if variable, powered individuals. Each kingdom on Etheria is ruled by a Princess who in possession of a rune stone that gives her elemental powers. While She-Ra appears to have more power than each of them individually, the series makes sure to communicate that it will takes more than one person to beat back the Evil Horde once and for all.

Glimmer, Bow, and Adora spend much of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power season 1 attempting to reinstate the Princess Alliance that fell apart years earlier. After Queen Angela and King Micah united the planet, the Rebellion suffered catastrophic losses that broke apart the alliance shortly after it had begun. Most of the princesses are old enough to be nervous about taking on the Evil Horde that directly, but eventually, in “The Battle for Bright Moon,” they’re convinced of their own abilities and join together to help She-Ra, Bow, and Glimmer defend Bright Moon and its runestone against Catra, Scorpia, and Entrapta. Frosta even breaks her neutrality to join the fight against the Horde, so no more Princess Proms where everyone’s invited anytime soon.

Mermista, Netossa, Spinerella, Perfuma, Frosta, Glimmer, Seahawk, and Bow all join forces during the climax of the episode and coordinate a spectacular defeat of Catra and her forces. They also discover that working together with She-Ra allows them to take advantage of her power even though their rune stones had been weakened by Entrapta’s hacking of the Black Garnet. According to Light Hope, everything on Etheria is interconnected, so it's only through the unity of the Princesses who control the elements will balance be restored (and presumably the planet will function like the well-oiled machine it apparently is).

All those elements make a blunt statement about the necessity of cooperation for mutual survival, which is one of the show's major themes. Despite the fact the She-Ra managed to bring everyone together, she's not necessarily the de facto leader. All the princesses must work in concert and balance to maintain Etheria's relatively utopian features. It's no coincidence that She-Ra and the Princesses of Power would debut amidst today's socio-political climate. Its dual messages of collaboration and self-actualization represent the progressive mindset of the creators behind it.

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