She-Hulk MCU TV Series Coming To Disney+

Marvel Studios confirms a She-Hulk series is coming to Disney+. As part of Marvel Studios' growing domination, they are in the process of making a handful of new shows for Disney's streaming service. After several rumors over what could come, Kevin Feige confirmed which ones would be on the way through 2021 at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this summer. The current slate includes The Falcon and The Winter SoldierHawkeyeLoki, and WandaVision on the live-action front.

However, these five shows were just the beginning and certainly not the only ones that Marvel was working on. While there have been rumors of Rocket and Groot or Lady Sif getting their own shows, we're now starting to learn what else Marvel is planning beyond 2021. This started with news that Ms. Marvel series was in the works, which broke moments before the Disney+ panel at D23 2019 began.

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During the panel, which covered all aspects of the upcoming streaming service, Feige walked out on stage to discuss their plans for Disney+ in greater detail. It was here that he confirmed Ms. Marvel is on the way and announced Moon Knight as a brand new series. But, he also revealed that Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk is getting a standalone series of her own too.

The addition of She-Hulk to Marvel Studios' upcoming Disney+ library gives them another new character to introduce to audiences. Jennifer Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banner in Marvel Comics and a successful lawyer. When she is severely injured, though, Bruce is used to give her a blood transfusion. The gamma radiation from his blood gave Jennifer the same Hulk powers of Banner. But, the noticeable difference between them was that Jennifer was able to gain her regular intelligence when in her She-Hulk form. This is something Bruce Banner recently achieved in Avengers: Endgame by becoming Smart Hulk, but it was an easier process for Jennifer.

With the current state of the MCU and permanent damage that Hulk sustained as a result of snapping his own fingers, it will be fascinating to see how Marvel introduces her. Will Bruce knowingly give her these abilities during the series or could Marvel change it up so that she gets them some other way? Either way, She-Hulk will likely give Marvel Studios another chance to keep  Mark Ruffalo around and watch as a new Hulk emerges to take his place. The passing of the mantle idea is something that will occur in quite a few other Disney+ series' too. But, now that Walters is set to be the focus of She-Hulk, it shouldn't be too long before she appears in the MCU movies as well.

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