She-Hulk: 5 Casting Fan Theories We Want To See & 5 We Don't

Marvel Studios’ announcement that they’re making a She-Hulk TV series for Disney+ caused excitement throughout the nerd world. She-Hulk is one of the heroes fans have not so patiently waited to see in the MCU.

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Jennifer Walters is Bruce Banner’s cousin, and when she is hurt, a transfusion of his blood also gives her his Hulk powers. While there are some very interesting fan casting suggestions around the internet, we do have reservations about a few. We decided to add to the conversation with the five She-Hulk casting fan theories we want to see and five we don’t. 

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For 12 seasons as The Big Bang Theory’s Penny, Kaley Cuoco has been one of TV’s most popular actresses. Now that the show has wrapped, she’s become one of its most sought-after stars. 

Since the character often breaks the fourth wall and features comedy, her name was one of the first making the rounds among fans. However, the action and drama that’s also involved is something we haven’t seen her have a lot of experience with, making us think this may not be the ideal next role for her.  


It’s taken a while, but Hollywood has finally realized that the skills required to be a successful professional wrestler are the same ones needed to become a good actor. If Becky Lynch wants to become the next wrestler-turned-actor, a funny woman who occasionally uses her anger as a weapon seems perfect.

We know she can handle the action and comedy, so the only question will be if she can step up to the drama Jennifer’s dual personalities cause. We must also wonder if Lynch is ready to take a break at the height of her wrestling career to make a TV show.

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For years, Jessica Biel has been on the shortlist for every major female superhero. She’s been rumored to be everyone from Wonder Woman to Captain Marvel, so it’s no surprise some fans would want her as She-Hulk.

However, we’ve never really seen her as the action hero type, and let’s be honest, a big part of this role is being an action hero. Her adeptness at darker roles means she’s more suited for the DC Universe than Marvel. She may eventually become a superhero, we just don’t think it should be this one.

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At this point in her career, Gabrielle Union has done it all, except being a superhero. Her recent turn in Breaking In had fans taking notice of her as an action star. It also wouldn't hurt to have a black woman play a hero.

Jennifer/She-Hulk is the perfect role for someone who can balance all the necessary elements of the character and has experience leading a TV series. A new series with an unfamiliar character needs a steady hand to guide it, and Union would definitely be a rock-solid No. 1 on the call sheet.  


As the female lead of the Fast & Furious franchise, Michelle Rodriguez has solidified herself as one of Hollywood’s top action stars. Unfortunately, they have also typecast her, leaving her out of other genres. It’s the downside of big studio franchises that no one talks about. 

As entertaining as the films are, they are also very one-dimensional, which hasn’t helped her branch out into other roles. We have doubts about her blending the right amount of comedy and drama to make her believable as Jennifer.


When MMA star Gina Carano broke into acting, she was met with the usual skepticism. However, she has long since proved everyone wrong, receiving praise for her work, especially in Haywire and Deadpool.

Her action bonafides are well established, and Deadpool showed her comedic timing, as she was often the straight man to Wade. If Marvel is looking for someone less well-known, She-Hulk would be a great breakout role for her, taking advantage of all her talents, while also introducing both her and Jennifer to new fans.

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Perhaps the most unexpected name on this list is Legion actress Aubrey Plaza. She’s known for playing quirky characters, so honestly, she’s more of the weird best friend than the superhero. Her brand of comedy can sometimes come off as abrasive, and for us to understand and accept She-Hulk, Jennifer must be likable.

Her work in Legion shows that she can handle the craziness of the comic book genre, but She-Hulk isn’t the right property for her. It’s certainly an interesting choice, but we don’t think Marvel’s willing to go that far outside the box to lead a new series.


Yes, we know that Rosario Dawson is Claire Temple in the Marvel Netflix shows, but since we don’t know when or if they’ll ever be back in the MCU, we’d like to see her in another role. From the moment the series was announced, she has been fans' No. 1 choice to play She-Hulk.

Dawson exudes a familiar presence on screen that makes all her characters feel like old friends. She’s also able to garner compassion and understanding, no matter who she’s playing, so getting viewers immediately interested in the new hero’s world will be easy for her. 


We’re not surprised to see Ronda Rousey’s name as a popular choice among fans. Her MMA and WWE careers have given her a big following. Though not extensive, her acting credits mostly include action films.

With name recognition and fighting experience, we can see why others would want her as She-Hulk, but here’s the thing, she can’t act. Her mic work in WWE and one scene in Furious 7 prove that she can’t portray more than one emotion. An obvious requirement for a hero struggling with her two personalities, as well as the everyday problems of being a successful woman.

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From Brienne of Tarth to Captain Phasma, Gwendoline Christie has made a career of being a strong woman who audiences love. As Game of Thrones’ Brienne, she showed us love, devotion, anger, quiet resolve, and vulnerability, sometimes all in one scene. Christie is endlessly charming and captivating, which draws viewers into whatever world she’s a part of.

Christie would not only be amazing as She-Hulk, but she would also perfectly embody Jennifer’s struggles as she learns to control her Hulk side and makes peace with balancing her humanity. Sometimes the obvious choices are the best ones.

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