15 Things She-Hulk Can Do (That Bruce Banner's Hulk Can't)

The creation of the Hulk back in the 1960s brought introduced a fierce and monstrous creature capable of taking on any strong foe in the Marvel Universe. As his popularity grew, Marvel was able to bring the Jade Giant to life with live action series The Incredible Hulk in 1977. However, as profitable as his increases exposure was, there were also opportunities for other entertainment companies to profit off of his image.

As a precaution, comic legend Stan Lee took the liberty to create the She-Hulk as a means to protect any female Hulk spin-offs. While her creation was for monetary reasons, she does hold a significant role in Marvel history as she was the last character that Lee created for Marvel Comics.

Luckily, the character of She-Hulk was not merely created and then forgotten. More than just a female Hulk, her character was fully fleshed out as one of the strongest female superheroes in Marvel. Although she shares many of the same essential characteristics and behaviors as her cousin, she has made a name for herself because of her distinct differences.

From her mastery of self-control to her intelligence and various skills, She-Hulk is one character that Hollywood wants to see more of in the future.

Here are the 15 Things She-Hulk Can Do That Bruce Banner's Hulk Can't.

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15 Retain Her Personality, Intelligence and Emotional Control in Her Hulk State

The sheer power and destructiveness of the Hulk have been rivaled by just a few characters in the Marvel Universe. Triggered by states of intense rage or fear, the Hulk transformed from the level-headed, intelligent Bruce Banner to the uncontrollable Jade Giant. However, he loses his sense of self, and his mind seemingly divides the two identities of Banner and the Hulk itself. Though his personality as the Hulk has changed over time, he was often depicted as being simple minded and speaking in the third person when referring to himself or the Banner identity.

She-Hulk, however, has the ability to maintain her same personality and intelligence when she transforms. She-Hulk is often depicted as witty and kind, and even makes jokes while fighting as a massive green monster.

14 Transform at Will

She-Hulk Transforming

Since emotions are a trigger for the Hulk form, Banner found it difficult to control his transformations. Once triggered, the Hulk would go on a destructive spree until he was snapped out of his form.

Although Jennifer Walters can now make this switch effortlessly, she was helped by many factors to make this happen. She was once plagued by a psychological block that prevented her from changing back to her human form. Doc Samson was able to develop a device called the Gamma-Charger to help with her struggles. This device worked with the gamma radiation in her blood and helped trigger her transformations.

However, after the removal of a hex that had been placed on her by Scarlet Witch, she was able to transform with no issues.

13 Weigh Less

She-Hulk Working Out

The sheer size of the Hulk would intimidate anyone. After transforming, Banner’s overall body mass and size grow at an astounding rate. The Hulk has grown to over 8 feet tall and has a max weight of 1,400 lbs. However, onscreen depictions have increased his size to almost 15 feet. Even walking and running for him causes massive collateral damage to his surroundings.

Although Walters' max height and weight are well under her cousin (6’7” and 650 lbs.), her smaller size comes with just as much power. The muscles and bone mass she gains when transformed are much more condensed and she actually much lighter than she appears. Because of this, she can move quicker and leave less of a trail of destruction when she fights.

12 Work out to get stronger


The Hulk’s strength has always been tied to his growing anger. The angrier he becomes, the more power he gains. In theory, this advantage gives the superhero a limitless supply of strength. Walters, on the other hand, discovered she also had an innate ability to increase her strength, but it did not involve her Hulk form.

She-Hulk accidentally found out that if she worked out in her human form, her strength in her Hulk form would increase drastically. This discovery came in handy while working as a member of the Magistrati. She was sent on a mission to defeat the Champion of the Universe but was easily defeated in their match. After finding a loophole in the rules, she was able to request a rematch in three months.

During that time, she regularly worked out and trained in her Jennifer Walters form only. She-Hulk was successful in her rematch and, in his defeat, the Champion of the Universe renamed himself “The Fallen One”.

11 Swap Powers and Physiques With Other Human Women

She-Hulk and Weezi Body Swap

She-Hulk gained the use of a fascinating technique during a storyline in The Sensational She-Hulk vol 1 issue #45. After allowing herself to be captured by the D'Bari in order to save her friends, she is placed in a jail cell that she cannot seem to escape from.

However, another captive near her, an Ovoid, may have a solution to their problems: their mind-transfer technique. She convinces the Ovoid captive to teach her the technique, and she completed to mind-switch with Weezi! Weezi gained the beauty and bombshell figure from She-Hulk, and the Shulkie was reduced to a short and plump stature. Their plan was a success, and she was able to rescue her captured allies successfully.

However, when she asked the Ovoid to change them back, they advised that the change was permanent. After an examination by Mister Fantastic, they learn they cannot swap back until Weezi is willing to do so (she loved her new She-Hulk body). Weezi eventually let go of her new form, and they were both restored to their original bodies. She-Hulk never used this technique again.

10 Conceal Her Human Form

She-Hulk and Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch does not have the best track record when it comes to her hexes. There have been several instances where her intentions were good, but the results proved to be detrimental.

When Walters began her new position at Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, & Holliway, she was understandably nervous. One of the conditions of her employment was that she could only keep the job in her human form. She waas concerned, however, because she wants to maintain her secret identity.

Intended as a helpful gesture, Scarlet Witch placed a hex on Walters that prevented anyone from seeing her if they intended to do harm to She-Hulk while she was in human form. Though this seemed like a good idea, it proved to create more harm than good. Eventually, Doctor Strange helped to remove the invisibility hex.

9 Expert Hand-To-Hand Combat

She-Hulk and Gamora

We have all seen the Hulk in action, either in the comics or on the big screen. His immense power can be detrimental to countless cities and towns. Although he is a powerful fighter, he does lack any formal fight training. We are all familiar with the now iconic “Hulk Smash”, right?

While the Hulk brings unrefined blows and kicks, She-Hulk has learned to wield her Hulk powers with more refined fighting techniques. Over the years, Walters has learned the art of hand-to-hand combat from her superhero allies, including Captain America and Gamora.

Not only is She-Hulk skilled, but so is her civilian form of Jennifer Walters. Walters is proficient at martial arts techniques and skills as a human. She was even employed some random knowledge of acupuncture to help take down an enemy. Walters is a force to be reckoned with!

8 Be An Expert Lawyer

She-Hulk Jennifer Walters lawyer Marvel Spider-Man Peter Parker friendship

No one can dispute the intelligence that runs in this family of Hulks. Banner has been touted as one of the greatest scientific minds within the Marvel Universe. His background included focuses on biology, medicine, nuclear physics, chemistry, engineering, and more. While his specialties lie in the science world, Walters has conquered the world of law by owning her own firm.

A graduate of UCLA School of Law, Walters worked at the prestigious New York law firm Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, & Holliway in their Superhero Law division. Not only was she an excellent lawyer but she became a role model for comic book fans as well. She-Hulk is one of the few female heroines to hold a college degree in the entirety of the Marvel Universe.

7 Pilot A '59 Dodge In Space

She-Hulk Pilots A Car Into Space

Beyond her skills as a fighter, She-Hulk has shown some exceptional skills as a pilot early on. However, leave it to Marvel to improve on what it means to be a pilot in their universe.

In The Sensational She-Hulk #7, Walters found herself stranded about ten thousand light years away from Earth while on a rescue mission. With no other means of transportation around, Ulysses Archer and the alien AI provided her with a modified means of transportation: a ’59 Dodge that was capable of flight.

Since then the car and our Green heroine pilot have made several journeys in her car throughout New York and for additional space travel. Although the flying car is nothing new in the Marvel Universe, this vehicle has not become an iconic part of the She-Hulk mythos.

6 Work As A Bounty Hunter

She-Hulk Marvel Comic Cover

While working as a successful lawyer, Walters got one of her clients, accused killer Arthur Miller, cleared of any charges. However, he later revealed to her that he did, in fact, commit the crime and provided evidence of his actions. Losing control of her anger, Walters transformed into her Savage She-Hulk form and threatened to kill her client if he was not brought up on charges.

In her anger, she revealed his guilt and attorney-client privileged information. Unfortunately, this revelation led to her disbarment. Though her Hulk powers resulted in her losing her career, she later used them to find a new career path: bounty hunting.

As an employee of Freeman Bonds Inc. (a subsidiary of her law firm), she helped to hunt down criminals who skipped out on their court date.

5 Become a Successful Wrestler

She-Hulk As A Wrestler

Other versions of the She-Hulk character have possessed various origin stories, abilities, and characterization. However, Shulkie found particularly interesting career choice on Earth-65. In this universe, Peter Parker was never bitten by a radioactive spider and never become Spider-Man. In this world, the role of that hero was filled by Gwen Stacy as Spider-Gwen.

Although the hero changed, much of the original origin story stayed the same. However, instead of Peter fighting Crusher Hogan in a wrestling match, Stacy goes up against the famed wrestler the Savage She-Hulk. While fighting in a match held at Gwen’s school, She-Hulk challenged audience members to step into the ring and fight her. If she lost the match, the money would be donated to charity.

Sadly, the disguised Spider-Gwen never got the chance to fight She-Hulk due to Uncle Ben needing assistance. However, the kind-hearted wrestler let the Mary Janes (Stacy’s rock band) defeat her and collect the money for charity.

4 Serve The Living Tribunal

Premiering in 1967 in Strange Tales #157, the Living Tribunal is a humanoid cosmic entity that has existed as long as the universe itself. Helping to keep a balance between the Multiverse, he prevents one universe from gaining too much power and equalizes the balance of right and wrong overall. Depicted as a large golden being with three faces, he can even destroy entire planets if deemed necessary.

In She-Hulk vol 1 issue #7, She-Hulk was selected to serve as a member of the Magistrati, the enforcers for the Living Tribunal. To be chosen for such an honor directly reflected on her abilities as a lawyer and the quality of her character. She performed legal work for him on cases from throughout the Multiverse. However, she eventually resigned the position after successfully arguing that her Universe should continue to exist over an alternate “ultimate version”.

3 Break the Fourth Wall

She-Hulk breaks the fourth wall

While we love some many aspects of the character of Deadpool, nothing sticks out more than his ability to break the fourth wall. He has been known to make comments on the readers, the Marvel staff and other characters that exist beyond the pages of Marvel Comics. Although he has become the character most associated with this ability, he was certainly not the first.

Back in 1989, comic book writer and artist John Byrne gave this ability to She-Hulk during The Sensational She-Hulk series. He depicted many occasions when he and She-Hulk would get into arguments about the course of the story or even his treatment of her.

Even She-Hulk’s friend Louise Mason also possessed the ability and joined in with her interactions with the audience. Her interactions with Bryne and editor Renée Witterstaetter added to She-Hulk’s humor and likeability.

2 Acknowledge Her Own Shortcomings and Failures

She-Hulk vs She-Hulk 30th Anniversary

Given the ability to break the fourth wall, She-Hulk (well, her editors and writers really) have used it as a platform to address concerns regarding her character and her comics. Over the years, She-Hulk has struggled to maintain consistent readership and has seen her comics delayed or outright canceled.

Although her character was not given the spotlight she deserved, she used her witty personality to find humor in her failures. She has also found humor is picking at the D-List enemies she is often paired with.

In the 30th anniversary issue of her comic, She-Hulk: Sensation #1, she addressed numerous fan complaints including her canceled 2008 series, her former teams, and other problems she has incurred over the years. She even addressed the claim that she is just “a failed rip-off” of her cousin. Ouch!

1 Successfully Perform The Fastball Special With Wolverine

The Fastball Special has been a technique used by Marvel superhero duos for years. Originating in Uncanny X-Men #100, the technique involved Colossus throwing Wolverine into battle like a fastball. Since then, the duo repeated this offensive attack several other times in the comics. The special technique has also spread to other Marvel superhero duos and other comic books outside of the Marvel Universe. It has even gained popularity in TV and movie, including the anime Bleach.

In terms of the Hulks performing this technique, only one of them proved to be the Fastball Special master with Wolverine. When the Hulk attempted to throw perform the technique with Wolverine, however, he was not successful. As he threw the hero at their enemy - a Phoenix-possessed Cyclops - Wolverine was set on fire and dropped to the ground shot of his target. Oops.

She-Hulk, on the other hand, completed the attack without a hitch and even got a quick feel of Wolverine’s butt in the process. The technique aided in his defeat of the Wendigo in She-Hulk Vol 2 #16. Better luck next time, Hulk.


Is there anything else She-Hulk can do better than her cousin? Sound off in the comments!

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