Shazam! Star Zachary Levi Teases Official Suit Reveal ‘At Some Point’

Shazam! star Zachary Levi reacts to the leaked photos of him in the super suit on set, teasing the eventual official release.

Zachary Levi reacts to the leaked photos of him in costume for Shazam!, while teasing the upcoming official reveal. Warner Bros. has made a habit to epically unveil the first looks at several important characters in their DC universe. Whether that came in the single image of Ben Affleck under the cowl, the reveal of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, the entire Suicide Squad lineup, or even how Jason Momoa looked as Aquaman, the studio typically planned ahead. They had such a plan for Shazam! too, but that window has officially passed.

After a few weeks of shooting, the inevitable leak happened yesterday and gave the internet the first look at Shazam's costume. Levi is seen from behind in the suit on set, and the images immediately sparked a mixed conversation. While some are still waiting to see the front of the suit, early reactions range from critiquing the padded nature of the suit to praising that this is exactly what it should be.

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Despite an official image readily available, there's yet to be a response from anyone involved in the movie about the leak - except for its star. Levi did a livestream earlier today on Instagram and spoke about the leak during the video. He's the first to admit that this wasn't a planned release, and is hopeful that the official first look will arrive soon.

How did everyone like that Shazam pic that was online yesterday? Kinda crazy, right? That wasn’t planned, that was completely unplanned. Hopefully, we’ll be able to have a better pic at some point out there for people to see.

The film's director David F. Sandberg - who is a frequent visitor to Reddit - has repeatedly shared that the official reveal is on its way, so it's not surprising that Levi is echoing that thought. Outside of what is visible in the leaked image, Sandberg says the suit draws inspiration from the character's look in Justice League: War. What has been shown of the suit certainly does have similarities, but just how similar the look is remains to be seen.

It hopefully won't be too much longer before the suit is officially revealed however. Sandberg's said that WB has already determined when the reveal will happen, and now that the suit has leaked, we're left waiting to see when that will be. If they follow in the footsteps of previous Shazam reveals, paying close attention to Sandberg's social media should be the best way to know. He's typically been quick to confirm castings or reveal things first, so that may just be where the official look comes. Now, it's just a matter of when.

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Source: Zachary Levi

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