What Zachary Levi Could Look Like as Shazam

Fan art has emerged online that imagines what Zachary Levi could look like in his recently confirmed lead role in Shazam.

New fan art offers a look at what the recently-cast Zachary Levi could look like in Shazam! Warner Bros.' search to find a lead in Shazam has finally come to a close. David F. Sanberg has been working diligently on the film for months and has teased fans on a daily basis of the progress he has been making. Throughout the pre-production process, the biggest question many had has been who the studio would get to play the titular superhero role.

The search for Shazam is now over, with it announced that Zachary Levi has been cast. His appointment is something of a surprise considering that he's not been in the discussion at all, with cited favorites being John Cena and Armie Hammer. The various contenders for the role have already been the subject of their own fan art, but now that Levi has the part, it's his turn.

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BossLogic has unveiled his rendering of what Zachary Levi could look like in the role. Levi was a surprising choice for the role considering he was never previously rumored, but for any doubters that the actor doesn't look the part, this fan art should be a convincing start.

Had a little time this morning to work on a @ZacharyLevi #Shazam so excited for this movie, hope we get @TheRock Black Adam showing up

— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) October 28, 2017

The former Chuck star certainly looks the part, and should have no problem handling the lighter tone. Sandberg has said this will be the most lighthearted DC movie yet and that certainly plays to Levi's strengths. Of course, he is only one piece to the puzzle and the studio is still searching for Billy Batson, the kid that gets these special abilities.

This art may be convincing, but it is just an artist's rendering and there is no telling what type of design the movie will implement. That said, what Levi brings to the role in terms of his performance is more important than the type of suit he wears.

One thing we do know though is that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson won't be making an appearance as Black Adam - as much as this artist may want to see it. Black Adam is no longer scheduled to be the villain, but the studio has since stated they are also developing a Black Adam standalone film for Johnson. This could delay any potential brawl between Levi and Johnson's comic book characters, but has also fueled speculation that another DC hero (possibly Superman) will appear in Shazam.

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Source: BossLogic

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