Zachary Levi is Shazam in Fan-Made Alex Ross-Inspired Poster

A fan made poster for Shazam! imagines a first look at Zachary Levi in the vein of Alex Ross. Production is officially underway for what will be the seventh film in the DC movie universe. Director David F. Sandberg is helming the project after being announced to direct nearly one year ago. Following a long casting search that saw the likes of John Cena being in contention, the latest superhero gig went to Zachary Levi.

Ever since he took on half of the leading role (along with Asher Angel as Billy Batson), fans have been wondering what Levi will look like in the suit. He wasted no time bulking up to have a superhero physique, and despite several fan interpretations, we don't know what he'll actually look like. Since no official picture has been revealed, the latest fan-art takes major inspiration from renowned comic artist Alex Ross.

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Fan artist datrinti serves up his latest DC-inspired work with a new poster for Shazam. It recreates a well-known image of Shazam striking a heroic pose. The fan-made image replicates the stance down to the final detail. The differences however come with Levi's face being shown, and the costume taking a design that looks more in line with the DC universe's look than the comics.

I've got to start doing my research for this type of work i really want to bring them to the next level. For now.. SHAZAM! Referenced the amazing @thealexrossart work. #shazam #zacharylevi #davidsandberg #dccomics #billybatson #dccinematic #dcfilms #dceu #artwork #alexross #digitalpainting #conceptart

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There's no telling when Levi's Shazam suit will be revealed, let alone what style it will be done in, but a first reveal that mimics this design could go over well. Some may recall that Justice League had an Alex Ross inspired poster that fans loved, so it certainly isn't out of the realm of possibility that DC borrows from his designs again. Then again, Sandberg has been very interactive with fans throughout the process, so the first look could come in a non-traditional fashion as well.

While we wait to see what Shazam's suit will look like, updates on the film for the next few months may only come right from the set. Sandberg previously showed off Sivana Industries' logo, the business of the film's main antagonist Doctor Sivana (Mark Strong). There haven't yet been any set photos to surface of actual filming, so there's yet to be any sort of "leaks" early in production. As it continues, the chances of that staying true are likely to go down, and if Levi has to film outside in the suit, that could offer up the initial first look. However, they could also look to get a jump on that publicity by releasing an official still beforehand.

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Source: datrinti

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