Where Is Shazam's Full Trailer? Here's Why It's Taking So Long

Is Warner Bros. Holding A Full Shazam! Trailer Back?

Taking everything into account, it certainly seems like WB and DC Films are holding a new Shazam! trailer back from being released online. When Screen Rant was invited to WB's lot in Burbank to check out 20 minutes of the movie, we also saw a sizzle reel at the end that could've been a full-length trailer; it contained new footage that hasn't been shown to the public yet. So there's something the studio is sitting on, just waiting to be released. Considering that it's already been six months since the first Shazam! trailer was distributed, it makes sense for WB to hold off on putting out the presumed final trailer for another few weeks. If it was going to release in January or February, it would've done so already.

Instead, the best bet is that WB is waiting for Captain Marvel, which is set to come out on March 8. Looking back, Aquaman's final trailer debuted on November 19 to coincide with the movie's tickets going on sale, approximately one month ahead of Aquaman's release date. Since Shazam! is scheduled to release on April 5, it would make sense to promote the film along with Hollywood's latest superhero movie, Captain Marvel. There's a bit of humor here. The final trailer for Shazam! - which follows the original Captain Marvel - being shown ahead of Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel movie; one Captain Marvel movie being used to promote another Captain Marvel movie. It's actually a sound plan, and it falls in line with the marketing strategy DC Films employed for Aquaman.

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Will Shazam! Release Without A Full Trailer?

It's understandable to wonder if Shazam! would even get a full-length trailer at all, especially considering how long it's been since Comic-Con, but those fears are misguided. Really, it would be unprecedented; even secretive blockbuster movies like Star Wars and The Avengers receive more than one trailer. A new Shazam! trailer will surely release, and Safran told us as much during the movie's preview event on February 8. While he didn't outright say a new trailer was on the way, he heavily alluded to it, after first being asked straight away about the lack of a full-length trailer.

What's interesting is that WB's other spring/summer tentpole movie, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, already received a full-length trailer in December, despite that movie not releasing until the end of May. While both productions come from the same studio, it seems DC Films' marketing strategy for Shazam! may have shifted along the way to replicate what they did with Aquaman. And since Aquaman became an astounding box office success, WB and DC Films have every reason to continue with their marketing strategy, even if that means fans have to wait for a full-length trailer until late February or early March.

While we don't have a specific date on when the final, full-length Shazam! trailer will release, but it stands to reason that it will be some time ahead of Captain Marvel's debut. That would give WB and DC Films the opportunity to market the film to their target audiences, particularly nuclear families, as well as announce the opening of ticket presales. It's unfortunate that the Shazam! trailer has been held back for so long, but the studio is banking on it working out in their favor, which is reasonable.

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