Where Is Shazam's Full Trailer? Here's Why It's Taking So Long

DC's Shazam! movie releases in less than two months and it still hasn't received a full-length trailer - what's taking so long? Coming on the heels of the DCEU's first billion-dollar success with James Wan's Aquaman in December, the first live-action DC movie to hit theaters this year is Shazam!, which is being directed by David F. Sandberg and produced by Peter Safran, who also had a hand in getting Aquaman on the big screen.

Starring Asher Angel as Billy Batson and Zachary Levi as the superhero Shazam, along with Mark Strong as the supervillain Dr. Sivana, Shazam! is the final DCEU movie from WB's original slate to release in theaters, and even though it wrapped production last summer, would-be moviegoers have yet to see a full-length trailer for the movie.

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Following a handful of first look images, WB released the first Shazam! teaser trailer during their panel at San Diego Comic-Con. That was in July 2018. Ever since then, WB has primarily marketed Shazam! through TV spots and behind-the-scenes videos. Even though new Shazam! footage was shown at CCXP back in December, the studio has refrained from debuting an actual trailer, despite Levi promising that there would be a new trailer in the new year. So, just what happened?

Shazam! Was Meant To Get A Trailer In January

Since WB showed off new footage of Shazam! at CCXP 2018, it was believed that a new trailer would appear online shortly thereafter, though not right away. Earlier that week, Levi confirmed that a new Shazam! trailer would release sometime in the new year. While he didn't provide a specific date, it was generally believed that he meant it would debut in January. That was later affirmed when descriptions for a new Shazam! trailer surfaced online, with additional rumors stating that the trailer would release on January 19.

Of course, that never happened. But why? It's unclear exactly, but it's certainly possible that the leak may have had unintended consequences and forced the studio to push back a new trailer's release. What's interesting is that the Shazam! set visit embargo lifted around the same time as when the trailer was supposed to release in January, and then WB held a Shazam! preview event in early February. Usually, a movie would receive a new trailer around the same time the set visit embargo lifts, but WB is doing things differently this time around.

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Warner Bros. Have Released More Shazam! Footage - But No Trailer

While the full-length Shazam! trailer has yet to release, WB and DC Films haven't shied away from promoting the movie altogether. An extended TV spot for Shazam! actually came out on January 20, which was later shown during the AFC/NFC football game. Furthermore, the same day the embargo lifted for the Shazam! preview event coverage, WB did put out a behind-the-scenes video that included quotes from the director and stars, as well as a handful of new scenes from the movie.

Unfortunately, that was it. Since July, fans have only gotten a teaser trailer, an extended TV spot, and a behind-the-scenes video of the Shazam! movie, even though more footage has clearly been shown elsewhere. With less than two months before the movie hits theaters, now is arguably the best time to release another trailer, but that's if the studio planned on publishing another one in the first place.

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