Shazam Trailer 2 Breakdown: 17 Story Reveals & Secrets You Missed

Warning: Minor SPOILERS for Shazam!

Find out how much of the DCEU's future was truly revealed in our Shazam! trailer breakdown. After the first Shazam! trailer dropped during SDCC, audiences had their clearest look at the lighthearted tone, the comedic writing, and above all magic of Billy Batson's origin story. The first trailer confirmed that the New 52 version of Shazam would be the foundation of the film, and the new footage confirms even more comic book Easter Eggs and homages. But now that DC Films has communicated the fun and fantasy of Shazam!, the time has come to start hyping up the fans for the action, spectacle, and superhero DNA of Earth's Mightiest Mortal.

Unlike the movies that preceded it, Shazam! is also the first chance for a DCEU movie to truly revel in its shared universe. Sure, Henry Cavill's time as Superman is in doubt, and Ben Affleck's done playing Batman. But that doesn't stop Shazam! from embracing a world in which those heroes are already famous role models, and pop culture sensations. And as promised, the Justice League references in this Shazam! trailer are going to delight plenty of DC fans.

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The new Shazam! trailer reveals more secrets than you might expect. Here, we're breaking down every shot, every location, and every beat of the movie's story we can piece together so far. How connected to the rest of the established DCEU will Billy Batson be? And how many comic book scenes will Shazam! be bringing to life exactly as they appear in the source material? Read on to see for yourself.

17. Philadelphia, Hometown of Rocky Balboa

Shazam Philadelphia

Outside of Wonder Woman's time in London, most of the DCEU so far has been set in fictional cities like Smallville, Metropolis, Gotham, and Midway City, but Shazam is changing it up, with Billy Batson calling Philadelphia his home. Fans of Shazam comics have known his home city to be Fawcett City for a long time, but Geoff Johns' reboot of the character placed him in Philly instead, and the movie is following suit.

This is pretty obvious to anyone familiar with Philadelphia's skyline, which is depicted several times throughout the trailer, but the opening shot actually highlights the Philadelphia Museum of Art, immortalized when Sylvester Stallone ascended their steps in the first Rocky (1976). The steps Rocky ran up to make that building famous aren't visible in the trailer, but it's hard to imagine the movie doesn't somehow make a nod to the cinematically iconic location. Especially how many self-aware pop culture references have already been made in marketing so far.

16. The Council of Eternity Confirmed

The names used to represent the magical, hidden fortress that Billy is transported to can get a bit confusing. After all, "The Rock of Eternity" doesn't exactly sound like a nexus of magical energy, pathways, and artifacts. And while it may seem like any old stone temple, occupied by one wizard, we see something else suggested in the Rock of Eternity. Assuming viewers notice the small staircase, rising up to a stone dais, ringed by a semi-circle of seven - exactly seven - stone thrones. Exactly what comic fans would expect of the DCEU's Council of Eternity.

The movie may not dive into the entire magical history of the DCEU, but this meeting room is a carbon copy of the comic book version. The place where seven magical figureheads of seven ancient cultures monitored the world. In those ancient days, it was a location known and visible to much of the world. But in the present day, in both comics and the Shazam! movie it seems, only The Wizard is left alive. And hes got a few good reasons to keep it locked to outsiders, until Billy comes along.

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15. The Seven Sins Revealed

Again, the New 52 comic is giving the greatest insight into what this shot of the Rock of Eternity reveals--and more importantly, why the movie seems to be keeping its true meaning a secret. In the comics, Billy arrives at the Rock to receive the power from this aging wizard, and a wall along his left side immediately catches his attention. After touching the base of a stone pillar, the mystical image of a woman appears above it. As he laughs and activates one column after another, the entire group of seven are revealed in strange forms. These are the Seven Sins, living forces of evil somehow trapped by The Wizard.

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From this first looks at the Rock in the movie's trailers and TV spots, there are several stone figures visible along the left side of the hall leading to the chamber (although their exact appearances are hard to decipher given the distance). Considering how much trouble is caused by these seven sinister agents, it was assumed that the Seven Sins would be in the Shazam movie.  The real secret revealed by this shot only becomes clear when it actually IS Billy arriving...

14. The Seven Sins Released?

It may still just be a speculation on our part (and is likely to stay that way), but the trailers may have given away more of the story set millennia before, and just days, maybe hours prior to Billy's selection as champion. When the previous trailer showed Billy walking into the Rock of Eternity, fans knew not to waste time examining the stone or architecture when there was The Wizard Shazam in the flesh, offering Billy the powers of a demigod by becoming his champion. The effects of Billy's transformation into Shazam have been finished for this trailer, but it's the background that fans should analyze - now that we know how this room originally looked.

Without the new shot of the Seven Sins statues lining the room, viewers would think nothing of their absence upon Billy's arrival (or the crumbled rock before the column bases, suggesting the statues might have actually been more than just symbols of the evil forces). We could be wrong, but the Seven Sins breaking out into the world - like they did in the comic book - would be a good reason for Shazam to entrust such a rough, unheroic boy with the powers of a magical Superman.

13. Who Has The Wizard Called To The Rock Before?

Thanks to some creative editing on the part of the studio, fans might miss one of the most interesting details buried in the Shazam! marketing thus far. Since Billy was the first person shown to be magically called to The Rock of Eternity, and the trailer builds up to his meeting with The Wizard, viewers may not notice the above difference. Mainly... we're looking at two different time periods.

In one shot from a few entries up, we see the Seven Deadly Sins, but when Billy Enters the Rock of Eternity, the statues are all crumbled. This means we see at least one scene from the Rock of Eternity from long before Billy was ever summoned. As those who read the New 52 story know that it actually opens with dozens of testimonials, all from people transported to The Wizard, only to be turned away. It's possible the film may open in the same fashion, showing people entering the Rock of Eternity (prior to the Seven Deadly Sins escaping) only to be deemed unworthy. Either way, these short glimpses of the set offer up plenty of fuel for theories and speculation.

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