Shazam! Director Teases Fans With Awesome April Fools Trailer

Director David F. Sandberg teases fans by releasing a fake Shazam! trailer on April Fools Day. Warner Bros. is looking to pivot the course of the DC universe by moving forward with new releases. That change starts with James Wan's Aquaman, but new DC chief Walter Hamada and his vision will truly begin with Shazam! next year. Every indication so far has been that the standalone movie starring Zachary Levi and Asher Angel will be a much lighter movie than DC's done recently.

The evidence to this comes with how Sandberg has interacted with fans ever since he was hired, but also in the behind-the-scenes looks that have been leaked throughout the film's production so far. The Shazam! suit itself is much brighter and campy than anything else this universe has done before (thanks to the aforementioned leaks), even though fans are still waiting for the costume's official reveal. And now, Sandberg is teasing fans even more by celebrating April Fools Day.

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David F. Sandberg released a fake but fun teaser trailer for Shazam! on Twitter today, with the full title Shazam!: The Rise of Ponysmasher poking fun at himself (Ponysmasher is his Twitter handle). Sandberg also found a clever way to promote his film by featuring footage from the old CBS Shazam TV show. Take a look:

There isn't much that can pulled from this teaser trailer considering that it's fake. However, it does show that Sandberg is going to have a lot of fun with this character (and fans) throughout the production process. Even the cast has been promoting the fun that comes with Shazam!, so they're clearly buying into Sandberg's take on the character. Unfortunately, anyone looking for a Shazam! trailer will have to wait a bit longer since the film is still neck-deep in production.

It was only about a month ago that Shazam!'s production actually began. So far, there's been plenty of looks at Levi in costume and even some shots of him battling Mark Strong's Doctor Sivana. Since the movie doesn't come out until next April, there's still more than a year between this fake trailer and when the actual movie hits theaters. So, one or two trailers should arrive by the end of the year, with one presumably being attached to Aquaman. But, anyone waiting for a real Shazam! trailer will have to wait until Jason Momoa's solo movie gets one first. Realistically, a teaser trailer for Shazam! could release by the end of the summer, but Warner Bros. doesn't want to jump the gun by heavily promoting both DC films simultaneously.

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