Shazam Could Turn Justice League’s Worst Scene Into Its Best

Shazam and Superman in Justice League

Superman may be in Shazam!, a move that may allow DC the chance to correct one of the very worst scenes in Justice League. One of the aspects of the forthcoming Captain Marvel film that makes it so exciting is what the movie will say about the DC Extended Universe in the post-Justice League world. By bringing Superman back from the dead, Zack Snyder's super team-up flick injected no small amount of hope into the DCEU. However, Justice League rather famously has flaws. In its own way, Shazam! may actually be able to fix one of the glaring issues with Justice League: Superman himself.

Superman appearing in Shazam!, with Henry Cavill's Man of Steel suiting up once more, is a hot rumor surrounding David F. Sandberg's film. Further, the reports suggest that, even if the appearance proper doesn't come to pass, at the very least, Superman will to serve as the inspiration and role model for young Billy Batson in how he chooses to conduct himself as a superhero when he says the magic word and transforms into the Big Red Cheese.

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Assuming Cavill is going to appear as Superman in Shazam!, there's already a simple and clever way to bridge Sandberg's film with Justice League and establish that Billy Batson was in the DCEU all along. Not just aiding integration, this could allow Shazam! a chance to fix past errors, putting Supes and his pals in a whole new and better light. And it starts with Justice League's very first scene...

Was Shazam Secretly In Justice League? (This Page)

Was Shazam Secretly In Justice League?

Henry Cavill as Superman in portrait in Justice League

Justice League opens with Superman being interviewed via cell phone camera by a young boy, wherein the Man of Steel is at pains to think of his favorite thing about humanity (besides Lois Lane). However, fans watching are at pains to look at the horrendous CGI used to digitally erase the mustache on Henry Cavill's face that he had to sport for his role in Mission: Impossible: Fallout. It's distracting from the very first frame, and never lets up throughout the movie. Worse, within the story, nothing is physically wrong with Superman; he's meant to be as handsome as ever. Perhaps more confusingly, for once he's being friendly and gregarious, a strange leap ahead from the conflicted hero we saw in Man of Steel.

The boy Superman is talking to, though - that's the interesting part. One fan rumor is that Shazam! may establish that the boy Superman is indulging in a friendly convo is actually Billy Batson. This would then become a pivotal moment in Billy's life: the day he met the Man of Steel face to face and got to chat with him in a way few ever do. After all, no one in Batman V Superman besides Lois, Batman, Lex Luthor, and Wonder Woman ever heard a peep from Superman's mouth. Not the people he saved anywhere in the world, nor the Congressmen and onlookers he didn't bother to save when Lex Luthor's bomb detonated inside the U.S. Capitol. No, this unnamed, faceless young boy got to have an actual conversation with Supes.

If that does turn out to be Billy Batson pointing his cell phone camera at Superman, this gives the rather bizarre opening scene of Justice League a new depth and importance. Not only would it neatly and rather effortlessly link Justice League to Shazam!, solidifying the bond within the DCEU, it instantly communicates the importance of Superman as an inspiration to the superheroes who follow in his example. The Man of Steel as "a beacon of hope" began with Batman rejecting his obsession with Superman and his downward spiral of anger and despair. Instead, the Dark Knight opted to form a team that would emulate Superman's example of heroism, before they brought Superman back to life so he could join that very League. But more than giving a depressed and angry billionaire vigilante like Bruce Wayne a new optimism and desire to work well with others, it's more important that we know the DCEU's Superman inspires children, as he should.

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Billy Batson being the boy interviewing Superman addresses that Billy is a kid reporter in the classic Captain Marvel comics; of course he would attempt to get a scoop and talk to Superman. Meeting and being inspired by Kal-El could then become the seed planted in Billy's mind when the unthinkable happens and an ancient wizard grants him the means to become an adult as powerful as Superman just by saying a magic word: I can be like Superman! (Plus, if Billy meets Clark Kent, then he also gets to meet a real-life ace reporter for the Daily Planet - someone else an aspiring young reporter can emulate.)

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