Shazam: Henry Cavill's Manager May Be Teasing Superman Cameo

Henry Cavill's manager offers a tease for the future of Superman, further fueling speculation he'll appear in Shazam! Warner Bros. is looking to pick up the pieces of the DC movie universe. After Justice League disappointed critically and financially, the studio is turning to Aquaman and (more so) Shazam! to mark a shift in this world. The latter sees Zachary Levi play the superhero alter-ego of a teenage boy, Billy Batson (Asher Angel), and director David F. Sandberg aspires to be part of a tonal change at DC.

WB is said to be focused on the individual movies (not the shared universe/larger picture) with their upcoming films, but that doesn't mean they won't connect. There's already been rumors that a now resurrected Superman will cameo in Shazam, allowing the first hero in this universe to help mentor the newest. Those reports haven't been confirmed, but it looks like we got another tease for it.

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Henry Cavill's manager Dany Garcia took to Twitter to post a new photo of the two of them discussing something secretive. She attempted to hide Cavill's identity, but a quick brightening of the photo confirms she's talking to the Man of Steel. What they're discussing remains a mystery for now, but there's reason to believe this is the latest tease that Superman will make a cameo in Shazam!

Not only is Garcia Cavill's manager, but she's also an executive producer on Shazam! (along with Dwayne Johnson). Garcia became Cavill's manager back in 2016, but the two have never worked on a project together. Cavill is also shown here cleanly shaven and on some sort of set. Shazam! is currently filming in Toronto, and Cavill's attire appears to be hidden under a robe. That's an awful lot of secrecy for just a regular photo shoot or some press event.

Another clue to this being Shazam! related is that Cavill doesn't have much on his slate. He's got Mission: Impossible - Fallout coming out this summer, but his freshly shaved face should signify he and his mustache aren't needed for promotional pieces any more. An appearance in Shazam! is the most clear candidate for what Cavill and Garcia would currently be working on. However, that is assuming this photo was just taken.

If this isn't Shazam! related, the nature of Garcia's tease is still likely related to Cavill's DC future. Maybe they're just discussing teaming Cavill up with Garcia's producing partner and ex-husband Dwayne Johnson for Red Notice, but would that really necessitate this level of tease? If a team-up with The Rock is coming, maybe this is the payoff to Johnson and Cavill's own previous tease of a collaboration. They could be finalizing plans for a Man of Steel sequel or even agreeing to the new contract Cavill reportedly wants. There are more options beyond this being Shazam! related, but as there's been previous talk of Superman and Shazam meeting up, this photo could be that coming to fruition.

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Source: Dany Garcia

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