Why Official Shazam! Suit Photo Hasn't Been Released: 'Plans Changed'

The official first look at Shazam! has yet to come because plans changed. After a shaky start, there's reason to be excited for what the DC movie universe has coming up. One of those reasons is how it appears Shazam! is shaping up. Production is coming to a close now, but director David F. Sandberg has preached a lighter tone when compared to previous DC movies. The premise lends itself nicely to that take with a group of young kids at the center. It's Billy Batson (Asher Angel) who has the unique ability to turn into Shazam, transforming him into a grown man with superpowers.

The other half of this role is being played by Zachary Levi, and fans were eager to see what he looked like in the suit since his casting was announced. There have been plenty of chances to see just that thanks to leaked set photos, but there's yet to be an official image released - despite several people involved hinting that a reveal was right around the corner.

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Since that has not yet happened, Sandberg responded to a fan on Twitter asking why this is the case. The director's explanation is a simple one. Even though there were, at one time, plans to release an official image of the suit earlier, Sandberg says those plans changed and he's keeping his focus on what he can actually control instead.

Through the series of set photos, many have already made up their minds as to whether the suit looks right or not. However, set photos are not 100 percent accurate representations of what will be on the screen. These suits can be greatly changed through color correction, a bit of CGI enhancement, and other post-production tricks. The criticism that it is a heavily padded suit has consistently been disregarded by Levi, and he's shown off his regular physique to try to silence the doubters.

Since Sandberg doesn't know when Warner Bros. will release the official image, it is unclear when the real first look will arrive. The wrapping of production would be as timely a place as any. If that is the plan, then the suit reveal could come in a matter of hours. The best bet, though, is that WB will unveil the look at San Diego Comic-Con this summer. That would only mean another two months of waiting to see the suit, which isn't that much longer considering how long fans have been waiting so far. We've also theorized that the suit from the set isn't even the final costume anyway, so they could surprise everyone by revealing another version, too. Whenever the Shazam! suit is revealed, we'll let you know.

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Source: David F. Sandberg

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