Shazam! Director Reveals Sivana Industries Logo

Shazam! director David F. Sandberg unexpectedly shares our first look at the Sivana Industries official logo, the organization owned by the film's main antagonist, Dr. Sivana, played by Mark Strong. Next on the DC Films Universe slate after Aquaman, the movie will star Asher Angel as its lead opposite Zachary Levi, who takes on the young actor’s titular superhero alter-ego. Promised to be lighthearted and funny (bar the one-liners), fans are obviously pumped for what the film will add to the franchise.

Officially entering principal photography late last month, Sandberg and the rest of the cast and crew of Shazam! are already hard at work filming in Canada. Featuring a slew of supporting actors including Grace FultonJack Dylan GrazerIan Chen and Jovan Armand as Billy’s friends, The Walking Dead alum Cooper Andrews and Marta Milans as his foster parents, Victor and Rosa, the movie is slated for an April 2019 release date. But despite only a couple of weeks into production, the filmmaker seems to have been keeping his watchful eyes on social media after relenting to a random fan request for any official photo from the film.

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Members of a sub-forum started by Reddit user Two_Faced_Harvey discussing the possibilities of Sandberg randomly dropping pictures from the film were shocked and thrilled at the same time when the filmmaker revealed the official logo of Sivana Industries. The snap, in itself doesn't reveal anything, but the fact that the Annabelle: Creation helmer has been keeping an eye on fan communities online and is willing to interact with them to this extent is a breath of fresh air. Oftentimes, directors of these tentpole projects are so secretive about their work to the point that they rarely talk to their fan base. Check out the photo below:

Obviously, those who were in the sub-forum had nothing but praise for Sandberg. One fan pointed out that communicating like this with DC loyalists is the best way to handle false information. Over the last several months, Warner Bros.' superhero projects have been plagued with numerous rumors, some with merit, others just totally outlandish. But since the company has mostly kept their lips sealed, these speculations have been scrutinized online, which, unfortunately, led to bad publicity for the films.

If Sandberg continues to be as generous with regard to details about the project we won't be surprised if he continues to drop minor morsels of information via social media or fan forums. This will keep people engaged and reminded that despite all the uncertainty in the DC Films universe, Shazam! is actually happening. It's also a great way maintain the buzz and amplify fans' anticipation of the first full look at Levi's superhero character donning his iconic red and gold costume.

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Source: Two_Faced_Harvey, David F. Sandberg

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