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A new video from the set of Shazam! shows Zachary Levi's eponymous superhero springing into action. Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation filmmaker David F. Sandberg is making the jump from horror to action-comedy by directing Warner Bros.' Shazam!, based on a script from Henry Gayden and Darren Lemke. Levi is playing the titular superhero in the film, with Asher Angel playing his young counterpart, Billy Batson, and Mark Strong playing the main villain, Dr. Sivana.

Shazam! started filming in February and is the latest DCEU film to enter production following completion of James Wan's Aquaman. While the movie will be decidedly different from past DCEU movies - particularly because its main character is a kid that transforms into a superhero by exclaiming the word, "Shazam!" - it's still part of WB's DC Comics-based cinematic universe. Since Shazam! doesn't hit theaters for another year, Warner Bros. doesn't appear to be in any rush to start marketing the film. After all, two set photos have already leaked, showing off Levi's Shazam costume, yet Warners still hasn't released the official first look. And now, the leaks have gotten even worse for the studio as a new set video shows Levi's superhero doing what heroes do best: saving people.

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Thanks to Jeremy Lawrence on Twitter, fans can now see Zachary Levi in action as Shazam from David F. Sandberg's DCEU film, Shazam!, which is due out in theaters in April 2019. Based on the video (below), it seems Levi's Shazam just saved a bus (and everyone on board) from crashing, as is evident by him standing in front of the bus and the front-end of the bus seemingly on the ground. Take a look:

While seeing Shazam come to the rescue is something that should be expected for a superhero, what's most interesting about this video is that it shows Shazam acting like a child - and not in a bad way. Again, Shazam is merely the adult-superhero version of Billy Batson, a 14-year-old boy is endowed with superpowers by the ancient wizard, Shazam (Ron Cephas Jones). So, seeing Levi act giddy and being proud of himself is something that comic book fans would expect from a live-action adaptation of the superhero Shazam.

This video also gives viewers their first real look at Levi's entire costume. The first set photo leak only showed Levi from the side, and the second showed Levi from the front, but most of his suit was still hidden. With this video, fans can get a full look at the costume. And the most intriguing part is just how bright Shazam's lightning bolt is on his chest. Plus, given what viewers have seen of the costume thus far, it's fair to say that Sandberg's comments about Shazam's costume having Justice League: War similarities is quite accurate. That also means Levi's costume is comic accurate.

At this point, Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema may be waiting to unveil the first official look at Shazam! until either WonderCon 2018 (at the end of March) or possibly until a few weeks before San Diego Comic-Con 2018, which is presumably when they'll unveil the film's first teaser trailer. After all, Warner Bros. started marketing Batman V Superman, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League more than a year before their official releases. There's no reason they can't do the same for Shazam! as well.

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Source: Jeremy Lawrence/Twitter

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