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New fan-created artwork imagines Ron Cephas Jones as the big screen version of the Wizard in David F. Sandberg's Shazam!. Headlined by Asher Angel as Billy Batson and Zachary Levi as his superhero alter-ego, the next DC Universe project on the docket is slowly filling its cast sheet with supporting characters, including the latest news that they may have found their live-action adaptation of the powerful and ancient being who grants the youngster the ability to transform into a powerful superhero.

Shazam! is slowly inching its way towards the start of its production. Earlier this month, Sandberg shared a photo with Levi, suggesting the two are already busy prepping for principal photography in Canada. A couple of weeks prior to that, Angel updated fans on his process getting into his upcoming DC gig. But if there's any clear indication that Warner Bros. is close to starting shooting the project, it is some additional big casting new such as confirmation that Mark Strong is indeed playing the film's primary antagonist Doctor Silvana and possibly, this new one with Ron Cephas Jones.

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Coming from artist datrinti, the illustration visualizes what Cephas Jones could look like as the Wizard if he officially boards the Shazam! standalone. Posted on the creator's official Instagram, almost immediately after news broke out that the 61-year-old is in talks to join Angel and Levi in the project, fans quickly jumped in on the comments section to express their excitement on the possibility. You can check out the artwork below.

Cephas Jones is not new to the superhero genre. Fans may be familiar with him as Bobby Fish in the first season of Marvel/Netflix's Luke Cage spearheaded by Mike Colter. For those who may not be into comic book properties, the actor has also played a myriad of characters in other small screen series over the years, including a gig in Mr. Robot as Romero and more recently as William "Shakespeare" Hill in the critically acclaimed family drama This Is Us. Considering his ability to effectively portray an elder, wiser being, imparting his knowledge to his contemporaries, he looks a great fit for the role in the DC film.

Should Cephas Jones nab the role, it will be curious to know what happens on his stint in Luke Cage. Despite being notably absent in The Defenders, it's pretty obvious that folks behind the Marvel series that they are not yet done with the character. If anything, many fans expected him to somehow pop up in Netflix's first superhero ensemble show last year. With that not happening, we're wondering about the chances that he might come back given the juicy DC big screen role that is being offered to him.

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Source: datrinti

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