Shazam Reshoots Have Begun Confirms Zachary Levi

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Reshoots for Shazam! have begun, according to the film's star Zachary Levi. The lighthearted superhero movie about a teenage boy named Billy Batson (Asher Angel) who gains superpowers to become Shazam (Levi) has been an incredibly smooth production for Warner Bros. and DC, after a few tumultuous productions.

Although originally announced in 2014, there was almost no movement on Shazam for years. Then in early 2017, David F. Sandberg was hired to direct the movie, and it moved quickly from there. All the major roles were filled by the end of the year, and cameras started to roll at the beginning of 2018. WB and DC are looking to the project to inject the DC Extended Universe with a new mixture of characters, genres, and tones. There's been no signs or reports of trouble at any stage in the production process, and allowed reports about reshoots to just be viewed as the built-in, preplanned ones.

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Said reshoots are now officially underway on Shazam. Levi shared the update through a post on his Instagram. He cleverly used the term "additional photography" instead of reshoots, likely because of the largely negative connotation the later still has for many. In doing so, Levi shared a close-up look at Shazam's belt.

Reshoots or additional photography or pickups or whatever one wants to call them are a standard part of blockbuster filmmaking at this point, so Shazam also doing them isn't a surprise. It was previously reported that they would run for two weeks, but we don't know what exactly they'll be working to improve. We do know now that some of it will involve the actual superhero form of Shazam since Levi is present, but other cast members like Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer, Mark Strong, and Djimon Hounsou could potentially be utilized.

Since Shazam's reshoots should be done by the middle of the month, by then Sandberg will have all the necessary footage to complete the film. While he's busy finalizing the cut prior to the film's April release date, fans will no doubt turn their attention toward when the next trailer will arrive. The first trailer arrived at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, and many expect the second trailer will be released in time for Aquaman's theatrical run. If that's the case (and WB wants it to be attached to Aquaman's various release dates), then the second trailer could arrive by the end of this month. Regardless of when exactly that arrives, Shazam! continues to make progress.

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