Shazam! Movie Working Title Revealed

The working title for Shazam! has seemingly been revealed and has a major connection to the superhero. Warner Bros. and New Line are working on launching the latest addition to the DC Extended Universe, one that will undoubtedly be quite different from its predecessors. Unlike the grounded superhero films that have before it, Shazam! should be more fantastical in nature and lighter in tone. This in part will be due to the titular hero and his origins, but also what he does when he is not fighting crime.

After all, Shazam is actually just a kid (Billy Batson) who becomes a god-like hero when he shouts the name of Shazam. With casting now reportedly underway for both parts of the lead character, the working title for the film has been revealed.

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Omega Underground has revealed that the working title for Shazam! is "Franklin". While that may not seem to make much sense at first (as it has no immediate ties to the Shazam! character in the comics), it appears to instead be a reference to Benjamin Franklin. Why is this a proper working title for Shazam! though? The obvious link is the prevalence of lightning bolts.

Legend has it that Franklin discovered electricity after being struck by lightning, but Batson's encounters with lightning bolts are quite different. Whenever Batson shouts Shazam!, he is struck by lightning as the catalyst for his transformation. Lightning not only plays a major part in his transformation into Shazam!, but also happens to be the emblem on the superhero's chest and just part of his vast array of superpowers.

Shazam! currently appears to be making its way through pre-production at a steady and smooth pace. It's already been confirmed that Shazam! will be the next DCEU film that goes into production and cameras are expected to start rolling in the first quarter of 2018. Director David F. Sandberg has continued to tease his preparation process for the shoot with daily Instagram updates of his growing stack of Coke cans and various other Shazam! related pictures and toys.

The reveal of the film's working titles further illustrates how far along the movie is in the pre-production phase. Said title will be the one used for casting calls, audition tapes, location scouting and more - all of which should provide additional updates on the status of the project and maybe even its story, should they make their way online. With few details finalized at this stage, the potential incoming wave of news for Shazam! will be more than welcome.

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Source: Omega Underground

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