Here's What Mark Strong Could Look Like as Shazam's Villain Sivana

With Mark Strong officially set to play Dr. Sivana in Shazam!, BossLogic has envisioned how he will look at the DC movie villain. Production on Shazam! is starting soon, meaning we should finally get a better idea of what the movie's story will entail. Luckily, there's been no shortage of casting information as fans await more concrete plot details. Meanwhile, Zachary Levi and Asher Angel will lead the charge onscreen as the mighty Shazam! and the boy who conjures him, Billy Batson.

When it comes to the film's antagonist, Dwayne Johnson is out as Black Adam, and Mark Strong is in as the Shazam! villain. The choice of character was obvious enough, as Doctor Sivana as long been Shazam!'s chief rival outside of Black Adam in the comics. Strong recently confirmed he's playing Sivana, and dove into some details about his character. For the actor, it's a chance to develop a DC villain after the failure of Green Lantern put an end to his future as Sinestro. Now, we have an idea of what Strong might just look like in his new DC baddie role.

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BossLogic has once again turned superhero movie casting news into concept art, this time tweaking an image of Mark Strong to look like the New 52 version of Doctor Sivana for Shazam! Take a look at the faithful approach below:

While Sivana has been causing trouble for Captain Marvel/Shazam almost since his inception, it's the New 52 update of the character that's likely to appear in Shazam! (and that BossLogic has used as inspiration). Rather than just being an evil genius, this Sivana seeks the tomb of Black Adam in an attempt to save his family. Instead, he's struck by some of the ancient power that flows through the villain and Shazam himself, allowing the doctor to see magic.

Given that Shazam and his allies are children until they invoke the wizard Shazam and are transformed into powerful adults, the ability to see magic will certainly give Sivana an edge. Add in his genius and drive, and it's no surprise that he's every bit as deadly to Shazam as Lex Luthor is to Superman. Fortunately, Billy Batson may not be the only superhero in the Shazam! movie.

Not only have young versions of Billy's foster family been cast, but older actors have joined the film, suggesting they will be playing Shazam's fellow magically-conjured superheroes. Perhaps Sivana's schemes in the movie will unleash a threat so large that Billy has to grant his friends some powers of their own. Expect to learn more on that front once Shazam! has officially begun filming.

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Source: BossLogic

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