Shazam! Official Trailer #2: You Will Believe a Zachary Levi Can Fly

Zachary Levi crash-lands as Shazam

The second Shazam! trailer features DCEU jokes and footage of Shazam battling Dr. Sivana. DC's shared universe has certainly seen its ups and downs since it launched with Man of Steel in 2013, but it rebounded in a big way with last December's Aquaman. The film earned a mixed to positive reception from critics, but went over great with general audiences and has since become the DCEU's highest-grossing movie worldwide.

Up next is Shazam!, a DCEU film inspired by the comics of the same name. The movie follows the adventures of Bill Batson (Asher Angel), a foster kid who's taken in by a new family and subsequently granted super-powers by a mysterious Wizard (Djimon Hounsou). Now, Billy need only call out the name "Shazam!" and he's transformed into a grown superhero (Zachary Levi), with strength and flying abilities that rival those of Superman himself. Appropriately, given the movie's premise, the new Shazam! trailer is even bigger on comedy than its San Diego Comic-Con preview was.

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Levi teased the second Shazam! trailer as far back as December, before director David F. Sandberg confirmed its release date last week. Check it out, below.

Among other things, this trailer offers a better look at Mark Strong as the evil Dr. Sivana. As this footage shows, the latter is just as strong as Shazam and can also fly, making him a proper match for the hero. Beyond that, Shazam! appears to play out as both a Shazam origin story and a coming of age movie about Billy, who learns to embrace his new identities as a member of a family and a superhero (along with the responsibilities they carry). That premise - a kid matures emotionally by being turned into a literal adult - has prompted Levi to liken Shazam! to the classic Tom Hanks comedy Big, and for valid reason. Indeed, much of the humor in the second trailer is based around Billy using his super-powers irresponsibly, before he comes to really appreciate all the good things he can do with them.

All in all, the trailers suggest Shazam! may keep the DCEU's winning streak going after Aquaman. Interestingly, both movies were directed by filmmakers (Sandberg and James Wan) who're best known for their work in horror. This isn't the first shared universe the pair have collaborated on either, as Sandberg previously oversaw Annabelle: Creation for The Conjuring franchise that Wan kicked off in 2013. With Wan expected to return for Aquaman 2 and Shazam! shaping up to be a hit, he and Sandberg may end up working on the DCEU for years to come.

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