Shazam! Movie Trailer Transformation CGI Isn't Final Version

Although the first trailer for Shazam! premiered at San Diego Comic-Con, the director wants fans to know that the CGI transformation in that trailer is not the final version that will be in the movie. The trailer featured early CGI work that will continue to get tweaked in the film's post-production phase.

Shazam! is unique in that it has a lighter story and tone than previous DC Comics-based movies. The story revolves around a teenaged boy, Billy Batson (Asher Angel), who has a strange meeting with an ancient wizard who gives him the power to transform himself into a full adult superhero, Shazam (Zachary Levi). All Billy has to do is say the magic word "Shazam," and he becomes the hero of his dreams. The story has more comic elements to it, making it more like Tom Hanks' Big than DC's Man of Steel.

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A trailer for Shazam! released at Comic-Con, and although the overall response from fans was positive, one fan took to Twitter to ask about its special effects. Director David F. Sandberg responded by stating that the CGI in the trailer is not final and that Warner Bros. has plans to continue to tweak the overall look of the film:

After the Shazam! trailer released, fans also started seeing some Easter eggs harking back to previous Worlds of DC movies, including Man of Steel. Billy Batson's foster brother Freddy Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer) proves himself as a huge Superman fan in the film, with memorabilia collected that hint at events that occurred in previous movies. As such, it's Freddy who helps Billy figure out what his superhero persona can do.

It is also likely that Shazam! will bring some light to the dark corners of those previous movies. The tale is told entirely from the perspective of a teenager. Billy and Freddy see superheroes in a different way than most. To them, they are positive role models, not the dark and edgy antiheroes that previous movies often painted them as.

There is even a chance that Shazam! will eventually join the Justice League. Not only is there a sequel or two planned for the superhero, but DC did confirm that he exists in that universe, meaning he could eventually join up with the team of superheroes later on.

The Shazam! trailer was already impressive without any additional special effects, but knowing Warner Bros. still has plans to tweak some of the CGI means the studio plans on creating a movie that will dazzle and entertain even the most hardcore comic fans.

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Source: David F. Sandberg

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