Shazam! Movie Director Reveals First Storyboards For Transformation

Zachary Levi as Shazam

Shazam! director David F. Sandberg has provided a glimpse into the origins of the titular hero's epic style of transformation. The social media post follows hot on the heels of a well-received Shazam! trailer and panel discussion at last week's San Diego Comic-Con, and the hype has been electric.

The film will retell the origin of the hero once known as Captain Marvel. Originally created for Fawcett Comics in 1940, the character has since moved to DC, where his name was changed to avoid confusion with another publisher's Captain Marvel (one who also has a movie coming out in 2019, coincidentally). What hasn't changed is that it's still the story of Billy Batson, a teenage boy gifted with incredible magic powers that let him transform into a grown-up superhero whenever he says the word "Shazam."

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Sandberg shared the storyboards via his Instagram account, where the rough sketches are paired with frames from the film that also appeared in the recent trailer. In the shot, Billy (Asher Angel) strides toward the camera along a street decorated for Christmas. He yells out "Shazam!" and is immediately struck by a lighting bolt. Emerging from the smoke is first a recognizable glowing symbol followed by a very confident-looking Zachary Levi in the full red and yellow suit and white cape.

Along with the pictures, Sandberg describes it as the one of the first scenes he sketched out for the film, and one he hoped would be in the trailer. Even though he's previously acknowledged that the visual effects shown in the trailer are not quite finished yet and could use some tweaking, the trailer has gone a long way to reassure fans that DC is back on the right track, in terms of its film output.

Much of the conversation around Shazam! has focused on its lighter tone, representing a deliberate change of pace for the usually gloomy DC Film series (which may now be officially known as the Worlds of DC franchise). That shift is evident in the Shazam! trailer, which leans heavily on Levi's natural charm and the absurdity of a kid suddenly getting superpowers with no instructions.

This particular shot, and the evidence that Sandberg considered it so early on, hints that even while Shazam! will be a lighter film than the DC movies before it, it's not giving up on epic storytelling. In fact, Sandberg even states along with the post that this isn't his favorite Billy/Shazam transformation in the film. Hopefully, that's a hint of even more impressive visuals to come, befitting a character who for decades has been referred to as "Earthy's mightiest mortal."

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