Shazam! Plot Details Confirm Comics-Accurate Storyline

New plot details for Warner Bros. and DC's Shazam! movie confirm a comic-accurate storyline for the Zachary Levi-led origin story.

Shazam! won't be straying too far away from the comics based on new plot details for the film. David F. Sandberg is helping shift the outlook of the unofficially titled DC Extended Universe. He's bringing a lighter tone to Shazam! after a few years of darker fare, and it has all the ingredients to be the perfect film to do this. Zachary Levi is leading the film alongside Asher Angel, who plays Bill Batson. Levi only factors in when Billy calls upon his super powers and transforms into the superhero known as Shazam.

Despite the film's placement in the DC schedule, it is undoubtedly the most obscure offering so far. The less people know about Shazam could give the team more liberties to craft the definitive version of the character, instead of competing with years of comic book history and previous live-action iterations. While we still have to wait and see if they pull that off, they appear to be sticking rather closely to the source material.

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EW shared some plot details for Shazam! that point to a very comic-accurate take. The details only pertain to the early portions of the film and don't tease the film's antagonist like the official synopsis did, but it does give a quick summary of what to expect from Shazam! If you're a fan of the comics, then this will sound rather familiar.

In the film, Billy is assigned to a new foster home where he befriends comic book superfan Freddy. One day, Billy’s subway ride is interrupted by a mysterious Wizard whose been searching for ages to find the right successor to inherit his powers. He reveals the teen’s been selected to gain an assortment of abilities, and all it takes is for Billy to say “SHAZAM!”

These details are just the first of many that will continue to come out as Shazam!'s release date approaches. With the film serving as an origin story, it isn't surprising to see they're sticking close to the comics. Billy being a foster kid is a big part of his character and allows him to meet several people that become vital parts of his life, one of them being his best friend Freddy Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer). The inclusion of the wizard has been part of the plan for a while too, but it was just recently announced that Djimon Hounsou will be playing the part.

The release of the first image and these details is just the beginning of Shazam!'s marketing. The full blitz isn't expected to begin in the immediate future though. There have been rumors that the first teaser will debut at San Diego Comic-Con, but it may not be released online. Warner Bros. is releasing the first Aquaman trailer there and online next Saturday, so it may still be a few months before footage from Shazam! is shown. In the meantime, hopefully more details on the movie continue to come out.

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Source: EW

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