Shazam Movie's Biggest Spoilers

Shazam The Seven Deadly Sins

Shazam Locks Up The Seven Deadly Sins

Once the Shazam Family has drawn out and distracted six of the Seven Deadly Sins, Shazam and Sivana take part in a flying battle across the city and end up on a rooftop. There, Shazam figures out that the only Sin that never comes out is Envy, and taunts it to draw it out of Sivana, before hitting it with his transformative lightning bolt to stun it. Dragging Sivana back to the carnival, Shazam pulls out the Eye of Sin, sucking all of the Seven Deadly Sins back into it. He restores it to its original spot in the Rock of Eternity, and the statues of the Seven Deadly Sins rebuild themselves, locking the monsters up once more.

Superman Has a Cameo at the End

This spoiler unfortunately got out before Shazam's release, but if you managed to avoid it, it's one of the best moments of the movie. After Billy forgets to show up at school in costume to prove that Shazam is friends with Freddy, leaving Freddy humiliated, Billy makes it up to him - and then some. Not only does Shazam show up to have lunch with Freddy and his foster family, he also brings along a friend: Superman! We don't actually see Superman's face, just his body from the neck down, but Freddy is naturally blown away to see one of his favorite superheroes in the flesh. The movie ends on this Superman cameo, then jumping into the animated credits sequence.

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The Credits Feature Justice League Members

Shazam Batman and Superman Child

There are references to the Justice League members throughout Shazam, since Freddy is a superhero mega-fan. He owns a bullet that bounced off Superman's body (until Billy accidentally drops it down a drain), has a replica batarang, and a wide selection of T-shirts with superhero logos on them. The Justice League themselves show up in animated form in the movie's animated end-credits sequence, which feature a number of fun fantasy scenarios - from Billy using the Batmobile to take Wonder Woman to the prom, to Darla having a race with the Flash. But, as with many superhero movies, things aren't over just because the credits are rolling.

Mister Mind Shows Up in the End Credits Scene

Shazam - Mister Mind

Hyper-intelligent worm Mister Mind, a classic villain from Shazam's early days as Captain Marvel, is first seen at the very start of the movie. As young Sivana enters the Rock of Eternity, Mister Mind is shown trapped inside a glass case, but when Sivana returns as an adult the case is empty. The devious worm returns in Shazam's mid-credits scene, where an imprisoned Sivana is maniacally scrawling symbols on the walls of his cell in the hope of opening a door to the Rock of Eternity again. As he gives up in frustration, Mister Mind arrives with an ominous cackle, making rude comments about "walking talking monkeys" with "cave drawings," before teasing that "there are more ways than a mind can imagine" to access magic. He declares he and Sivana are going to team up, and that, "The Seven Realms are about to be ours" - clear set-up for a sequel with Mister Mind as a main antagonist.

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Aquaman is Referenced in the Post-Credits Scene

Shazam Movie Post-Credits Scene

If you stick around to the very end of Shazam's credits you'll get a post-credits scene that was actually shown (in part) in the Chinese trailer for the movie. In another one of Freddy's tests of Billy's Shazam superpowers, Billy pretends to be speaking telepathically to a goldfish. After a while, though, he admits that he was just kidding, and questions what cool things they could possibly do with the superpower of talking to fish. Freddy, pointing out the Aquaman T-shirt he's currently wearing, retorts, "Maybe command an army of billions in the ocean?" - and Billy concedes the point. Batman also mocked Aquaman for talking to fish in Justice League, and young Arthur Curry was mocked by his schoolmates in Aquaman for talking to fish as well. The poor guy just can't catch a break.

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