Titans Set Photo Teases a Favorite Batman Location [Updated]

Update 3/6/2018 9:55pm ET: The set photo is actually from DC’s live-action Titans series. The rest of this article has been left as it was originally published.


The set images from Shazam! keep coming, with the latest revealing an Easter egg for Batman’s city. With New Line distributing Shazam! and the long-in-development Justice League Dark, fans have wondered for years if the story of Billy Batson would be separate from the DCEU. We know Warner Bros. and DC's Joker origin film will be in its own universe, so it's clear not every character from the comics is part of the Justice League continuity. And given the lighter and more whimsical tone of Shazam!, it's not hard to imagine it forging its own path.

That said, evidence keeps piling up that Shazam! will take part in the same world as the other films DC has released since Man of Steel. Early audition tapes teased Batman and Superman existing in Shazam!, with the heroes helping to inspire young Billy once he gains his powers. Previously-leaked set photos also revealed that other DCEU characters will cameo in Shazam! as toys at some point, if not also in the flesh. The latest photo from the film's set provides even more proof of the Justice League's existence in the movie.

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blogTO has posted a set photo from Shazam!, which is currently shooting in Toronto (see the photo embedded below). Though the image at first seems like a random shot of a news van, a closer look reveals that the van is from Gotham City.

Whether the set is supposed to be Gotham or a big event just brings the city's local news to town, it's not clear. Either way, DC clearly isn't shy about nodding to the Dark Knight's hometown. That could mean that Batman will cameo during Shazam!, though an appearance by the Man of Steel seems more likely. It remains to be seen if the rumors that Superman will appear in Shazam! pan out, but at least the movie looks to acknowledge to Batman's existence at some point.

Set photos for Shazam! have been coming in at a regular interval, now that it's well into production. Shortly after director David F. Sandberg teased that a costume reveal was coming soon, we got our first look at Shazam's suit thanks to a leaked image from the film's set. And with keen fans taking more photos each day, we can expect plenty of additional teases over the coming weeks.

The synopsis for Shazam! gave us our first real tease about the film's story and tone, but there's still a lot about the plot we don't know. Set photos and videos will certainly hint at things to come, but it's likely Warner Bros. and DC will want to get some more official information out soon regarding Shazam! - so stay tuned.

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